Plutora Feature Release Notes for Mid December 2021

New Feature

Health Check Status Email Notifications

Now, Health Check Dashboard has been enhanced to send email notifications whenever there is a change in the environment health check status. These notifications inform Environment Managers or relevant Stakeholders of the health of environments, ensuring that they are the first to know about any environment downtime. This enhancement enables you to be up to date with the health check status of the environment. Thus, you can take necessary action if any issue exists.

In Email Template Wizard (Customization → Email Notification → Email Template Wizard ) a new entity Environment and trigger Health Check Status updated have been added. Configure a new email template to trigger email notifications for the Health Check Status update. The trigger options available for receiving email notifications are:

  • Unknown
  • Online
  • Offline and
  • Issue

If you select TEBR, TECR, or Release fields in the email template, the following conditions must be met to receive its data:

  • TEBRs, TECRs, and Releases are not in Completed or Cancelled mode.
  • The Environment Health Check Status update must take place within the environment booking dates (start and end dates) or within TECR dates (start and end dates).

The email notification can provide information about any activities being in progress at the moment of Environment Health Check Status updates such as Release Bookings, TEBR Bookings, or TECRs. It can be set to be sent to the stakeholders by choosing the appropriate Email recipients.

Bug Fixes

  • 21132: [Deployment Command Center] 'View the Deployment Plan's Checkpoint Results' link now navigates user back to deployment plan.
  • 20958: [DP Activity] Clicking on Activities of a Completed Child Deployment Plan now displays all the activities.
  • 20834: [Environment Manager Grid] Utilized & Idle filters now works as expected.
  • 22054: [TEBR] TEBR details are displayed when opening from within the linked list.
  • 22482: [TEBR] You can view the Environment details of the booked environment by clicking on the environment name.
  • 22513, 22745: [RESKIN] Deployment Plan - Completed Status Icon is now made green.

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing December 7, 2021
Asia-Pacific Release December 13, 2021
7:30pm - 10:00pm (AEDT)
Europe Release December 19, 2021
11:00pm - 1:30am (GMT)
Americas Release December 19, 2021
7:30pm - 10:00pm (PST)

*Subject to change.



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