Plutora Feature Release Notes for December 13, 2017

Features Included in the December 13, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific December 13, 2017
Europe Mid January 2018
Americas Mid January 2018

Functionality Enhancements

Administrators can now control what Environments are included during a regularly scheduled TEBR file push.

As a Site Administrator, I want to control what Environments are sent in the file push so that I can filter the amount of data that is sent each time.

TEBR File Push Enhancement

  • Previously, administrators could only manage the included Environments for TEBR File Push when TEBRs were being created, edited, or deleted.
  • Now, users can click the new Manage Included Environments button and select what Environments will be sent for regularly scheduled file pushes.
Email trigger for Date Approaching.

“As an Environment Manager, I want an email trigger that sends emails at the end of the booking period so I can send TEBR requesters a list of the correct steps to take to close out their booking requests.

TEBR Email Trigger for Date Approaching

  • Previously, only TECRs had a Date Approaching Email Template Wizard trigger.
  • Now, TEBRs also have a Date Approaching Email Template Wizard trigger.
    • Emails can be scheduled for a number of days prior to, or after the expiry date, or on the expiry date.

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