Customize TECR

Customize TECR tabs, drop-down menus and other fields. Details Tab The following customizations are available for the Details tab: TECR Title customizations: Title Names. Type: TECR Type. Status: TECR Status. Show on Environment Scheduler checkboxes: TECR Setup. Layer: Stack Layer. Additional Information Tab The following customizations are available for the Additional

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Add/Edit TECR

Introduction Add or edit a TECR (Test Environment Change Request) when you need to update an Environment or promote a Build to a new Environment. TECRs are used to govern changes to Environments such as: Code deployments Database Data refresh Infrastructure Updates Environment Configuration updates Network updates Server and firmware patches. TECRs

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Delete TECR

Introduction Deleting a TECR will permanently remove it from Plutora. This article provides an overview of the steps to: delete a TECR and bulk delete TECRs. Pre-requisite To delete a TECR, you must have ‘Delete Environment Change Request’ user permission. Navigation Environment > Requests Delete a TECR To delete a

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