Duplicate Environments

Introduction Duplicating an Environment saves users from re-entering information. Pre-requisite You must have ‘Create Environments’ user permission. Navigation Environment > Manager Duplicate an Environment To duplicate an Environment: Go to Environment > Manager. Select the Environment that you want to duplicate. Click . Click Duplicate Environment. Enter the Environment Name. Click .

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Environment Stack

Introduction Environment Stack displays an interactive diagram of Environments. You can view the technical specs of an Environment and do a side-by-side comparison between the tech and specs of different Environments. Pre-requisite You must have the ‘View Stack’ user permission. Navigation Environment > Stack Access Environment Stack Navigate to Environment

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Export Environments To XLS (Microsoft Excel)

Export your Environments to XLS (Microsoft Excel) to back them up or use the data in another application. Export your Environments to XLS To export your Environments to XLS: Go to Environment > Manager. Select Export to XLS from the Action drop-down menu: Your Excel file should start downloading immediately. If it

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Activities By Status

Introduction Activities By Status shows a live-updating grid of Deployment Plan Activities from the Deployment Plans associated with the selected Releases and Activities Groups. The Activities By Status page is blank until you choose Releases or (Activities) Groups and click View. Activity Status titles can be customized in Deployment Activities Customization Pre-requisite You must have the ‘View

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Organization Structure

Introduction Organizations usually contain a number of departments, branches, workgroups, or individuals. These are represented as the organization structure. A Portfolio Association is a single level of an organization structure. This article provides an overview of steps to add and manage a Portfolio Association. Organization Levels You can create the

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