Plutora Release Notes for late October Release 2023

Bug Fixes

  • 18794: [My Activities] Forecast/Start/Due dates grayed out and cannot be updated when opened via My Activities
  • 18966: [Release] Release Activities are duplicated with the same Status as selected release
  • 19783: [SNOW] Push functionality doesn’t work when creating or updating a release via API
  • 28924: [Emails] Emails are not getting sent for Environment Health Check Status Updated 
  • 28929: [Emails] Users are getting TEBR Expired email notification which is set as inactive
  • 29133: [IM Dashboard] No save button available for the IM Dashboard widgets update
  • 29470: [Release Calendar] Releases Templates show in Release Calendar Yearly view
  • 29785: [Release] Inconsistent ordering of enterprise releases within release dependency drop-down
  • 29982, 32588: [RELEASE] Template heading shows a URL for the icon
  • 30883: [Environment] Custom Fields aren’t aligned properly
  • 31066: [Profile] Unable to upload a new avatar
  • 31200: [TEBR] All TEBRs associated with an environment aren’t consolidated in the linked items tab of the environment 
  • 31437: [RELEASE] Blockouts don’t show data unless the user unselects and reselects all blockout types on the calendar.
  • 31438: [RELEASE CALENDAR] Blockouts outside their portfolio show in the filter option even when selecting My Portfolio Association on the calendar
  • 31526: [TEBR Systems] Using search bar to filter for system does not show last value even though filter is still applied
  • 31534: [Builds] Unable to create Build for statuses NOT_BUILT and RUNNING using API
  • 31905: [RELEASE CHANGE] Particular special character (<>) in the user story name isn’t shows properly in the title bar.
  • 31989: [TECR] Entire comments aren’t shown up in the comment section
  • 32079: [Session Timeout]: The session timeout for the production instance is giving errors and is unable to close the pop-up.
  • 32114: [Release] System Impact Matrix shows deleted records 
  • 32126: [API] Environment API call isn’t giving proper result for custom fields and gives 524 error in response. 
  • 32129: [Deployment Plan Activities] Activities Report export not exporting Actual start/End date and time
  • 32159: [API] Making PUT /Environments/{id} call with Build details creates multiple deployment history records
  • 32188: [Build] Builds are not marked as deleted from the database and Tableau even after parent system  removed from UI
  • 32260: [EMAIL TEMPLATE] Email recipient option isn’t proper for entities
  • 32264: [Release] Enable sorting of Impacted Systems within the Release grid
  • 32290: [ENVIRONMENT SCHEDULE] Overview view is showing image path of the Environment icon
  • 32326: [USER INTERFACE] Quick link tile should display the full name in the tooltip if the ellipse is present
  • 32563: [INTEGRATION] Integrations are errored out with 524 error 
  • 32617: [Release] Selecting Release Dependency from Create release from template button never loads
  • 32683: [Releases grid] Release manager grid view doesn’t show release ID
  • 32691: [Build] Status Color same for Successful and Unstable
  • 32823: [Email Template] Environment Health Check Status Updated email is displaying GUID
  • 32842: [Deployment Plan Activities] Lag while adding dependencies (performance issue)
  • 32999: [Release] Creating Release Template – Release Dependency Items not loading

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule *
Asia-Pacific Release Oct 31, 2023 7:30pm – 10:00pm (AEST) *
Europe Release Oct 31, 2023 11:00pm – 1:30am (GMT) *
Americas Release Nov 15, 2023 8:00pm – 10:30pm (PDT) *

*Subject to change

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