Plutora Release Notes for late June Release 2023


The menu structure inside Plutora’s customization section has been reorganised to be in alphabetical order to improve navigation

Bug Fixes

  • 24806, 29038, 28731, 24470, 25064, 26174, 26911: [Audit] TECR, System, Release, DP, and Environment Audit times out
  •  31624: [Release] Bulk updating releases is slow
  • 31106: [Release custom field API] Adding Date Time field adjusts for users local time rather than UTC, so the date/time in UI is incorrect 
  • 31020: [RELEASE] – Release calendar doesn’t show up any of the filters and no entries are displayed in the view
  • 28583: [Systems] Descriptions field do not support ampersand symbol
  • 30981, 31723: [TEBR] [Comments] Comment section is blank for a TEBR
  • 30545: [Systems] – Breadcrumbs – Casing of systems and subsystems doesn’t maintain properly
  • 22050, 27679: [Release] Navigating away from the main release tab asks to save changes 4
  • 29358: [API] – Release System Custom Text field missing from GET Release/Systems
  • 29200: [API] Users are able to create releases without the fields: PlutoraReleaseType and IsProject.
  • 29052: [Insights] Unable to edit the insights harvey ball setup.
  • 29048: [DEPLOYMENT PLAN] Users unable to update the custom fields in execution mode
  • 28906: [Deployment Plan Activity] Setting activity dependency uses random start and end dates when dependent activity has none
  • 28238: [Release Activities] Updating Release Activity Status causes Activity list to jump back to the top
  • 28786: [Deployment Plan]- Deleted activities are appearing in grid view even after deletion
  • 28786: [Deployment Plan]- Activities are getting duplicated while adding dependency to it
  • 26104: Apply a secondary sort order to the deployment Plan Activity grid
  • 29986, 31502: Release – Changes Tab – Impacted systems column doesnt show values
  • 28695: [DP] [Activity by status] Filter not working as expected
  • 28695: [DP] [Activity by status] Filter resets when user adds more releases
  • 27915: [Deployment] Activity Not Started/Ended on Time Trigger Email should have a validation with 1 minute delay
  • 28582: [Deployment Plan]- Activity window gets squashed and incorrect date is displayed in Grid View
  • 28418: [Deployment Plan]- Deployment Plan Activity -Color code for group isn’t reflecting in UI level
  • 27801: [Deployment] Time gap between 2 popups – Your changes have been saved AND [Activity Name] cannot be rescheduled due to the parent constraint
  • 27723: [Insights Dashboard] Test Progress information is cut off and not resizable
  • 26835: [Deployment Plan] Column Data mismatch
  • 26607: [Release Schedule] Release E/I/P label overlaps when exporting to PDF

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

TypeSchedule *
Asia-Pacific Release27th June 7:30pm – 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe Release29th June 2:00am – 4:30am (BST)
Americas Release28th June 9:00pm – 10:30pm (PDT)

*Subject to change

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