Plutora Release Notes for February Release 2024

Duplicate Release: Shift Implementation Date without shifting Phases, Gates, Activities, Criteria

We are pleased to announce the latest upgrade to the Duplicate Release functionality, enhancing user flexibility and control. This update allows users to modify the Implementation Date without being bound to mandatory shifts in associated dates within Phases, Gates, Activities, and Criteria. The upgraded functionality introduces optional actions, supporting the following scenarios:

New Implementation Date:

Users can now simply update the Implementation Date without triggering any automatic adjustments to Phases, Gates, Activities, or Criteria.

New Implementation Date and Shifted Phases, Gates, Activities, Criteria:

For users requiring a comprehensive update, this option facilitates the modification of the Implementation Date along with an automatic shift of associated Phases, Gates, Activities, and Criteria.

New Implementation Date and New Start for Phases, Gates, Activities, Criteria:

This scenario enables users to set a new Implementation Date while simultaneously initiating a fresh start for Phases, Gates, Activities, and Criteria.

Only New Start for Phases, Gates, Activities, Criteria:

Users can choose to modify the start dates of Phases, Gates, Activities, and Criteria independently without altering the Implementation Date.Phases/Gates Migration logic remains the same.

Duplicate Release: Shift Implementation Date without shifting Phases

Duplicate Release: Shift Implementation Date without shifting Phases

These enhancements provide a more nuanced and customizable approach to managing releases, allowing users to adapt their timelines with precision. We believe this upgrade will contribute to a smoother and more efficient release management process for our users.

Bug Fixes

  • 20601 [Change] [Export to XLS] Unable to export risk level field even though it is a mandatory field
  • 22650 [Releases] Date field Time Picker gets cutoff
  • 24442 [Release] Release Linked Items loses Deployment Plan identifier when switching tabs
  • 24615 [API] GET /releases/{id} call does not show the time in UTC
  • 24980 [Release] [Change] First tab – Scrolling before the page has loaded returns user to the top of the page
  • 28358 [TEBR] TEBR Grid, Grid Column Filtering is not working properly
  • 31022 [Integration Log] – Need to remove the text in the log – Sandbox work completed
  • 31170 [User] users are missing timezone info associated to their User record
  • 31593 [Integration Hub- API] Xray integration is failing intermittently with Gateway errors
  • 31938 [DEPLOYMENT_PLAN] – Bulk update(forward action) of the downtime activity move to an additional day
  • 32248 [Custom Fields] Locked custom fields are difficult to read
  • 32260 Emails > Release > Created > Requested to have extra options for recipients
  • 32385 [Duplicate Release] Unable to shift Implementation Date without shifting Phases, Gates, Activities, Criteria
  • 32728,32890  [User Interface]: Feedback – Blank Page Displayed
  • 32824 [Build] [Job Execution] Field Reference is missing on the UI
  • 33597 [DPA] Export to XLS does not include Link to Master Deployment Plan Activity Set
  • 33598, 33266 [Deployment Plan Activity] Users are unable to update DP activity status when the DP is accessed via MDP
  • 33631 [Environment] Updating Techs and Specs via API – not working
  • 33647 [Release] Ampersand (&) character not showing correctly within Release manager page
  • 33657 [Emails] Status update of a DP over the email notification lands in separate page and display as page not working
  • 33680 [Environment] -The vendor column is missing in the Grid view and the export option.
  • 33714 [Deployment_Plan_Activities] -Timestamp in the comment section of DP activities is incorrect
  • 32385 [TEBR][Environment Blockouts] TEBR duplication process bypassing Environment blockouts
  • 33872 [API_CALL] – Health Check History API – Results outside requested window
  • 34084 [Email Notification]: Header/Footer image is not displaying in the email notification
  • 34088 [API] – Health check history API is returning last recorded value where health check never happened

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule *
Asia-Pacific Release Feb 27, 2024 7:30pm – 10:00pm (AEDT) *
Europe Release Feb 27, 2024 12:00am – 2:30am (GMT) *
Americas Release Mar 13, 2024 7:00pm – 9:30pm (PST) *

*Subject to change

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