Plutora Release Notes for early November Maintenance Release 2023

Maintenance Release

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Maintenance Release for [Software Name], Version [X.Y.Z]. This release focuses on enhancing the stability and functionality of our software through the resolution of numerous support issues, improved automation testing coverage, performance optimizations, and multiple UI corrections.

Resolved Support Issues

In this release, our dedicated support and development teams have addressed dozens of reported issues, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience. See the full list of resolved issues below (Bug Fixes).

Strengthened Automation Testing Coverage

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we have expanded our automation testing coverage to enhance the detection and prevention of potential issues in our software. This continuous effort supports our goal of providing a robust and error-free product.

Performance Optimizations

We’ve worked behind the scenes to optimize our codebase, resulting in improved performance and reduced resource consumption. These changes will contribute to a more efficient user experience. UI Corrections

Multiple user interface corrections have been implemented to refine the overall user experience and ensure a more intuitive and consistent interface.Please note that this is just the beginning, and we remain committed to ongoing enhancements in the coming months. Our development team is diligently working on further improvements and new features to elevate your experience with Plutora.

We would like to express our gratitude to our user community for their valuable feedback, which has played a crucial role in shaping this Maintenance Release. Your continued support and input are invaluable as we strive to deliver the best software solution possible.

Thank you for choosing Plutora, and we look forward to your continued success with our software. If you encounter any issues or have further suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Bug Fixes

  • 18794: [My Activities] Forecast/Start/Due dates grayed out and cannot be updated when opened via My Activities
  • 18966: [Release] Release Activities are duplicated with the same Status as selected release
  • 19783: [SNOW] Push functionality doesn’t work when creating or updating a release via API
  • 28924: [Emails] Emails are not getting sent for Environment Health Check Status Updated
  • 28929: [Emails] Users are getting TEBR Expired email notification which is set as inactive
  • 29133: [IM Dashboard] – No save button available for the IM Dashboard widgets update
  • 29470: [Release Calendar] Releases Templates show in Release Calendar Yearly view
  • 29785: [Release] Inconsistent ordering of enterprise releases within release dependency drop-down
  • 29982, 32588: [RELEASE] – Template heading shows a URL for the icon
  • 30883: [Environment] Custom Fields aren’t aligned properly
  • 31066: [Profile] Unable to upload a new avatar
  • 31200: [TEBR] – All TEBRs associated with an environment aren’t consolidated in the linked items tab of the environment
  • 31437: [RELEASE] – Blockouts don’t show data unless the user unselects and reselects all blockout types on the calendar.
  • 31438: [RELEASE CALENDAR] – Blockouts outside their portfolio show in the filter option even when selecting My Portfolio Association on the calendar
  • 31526: [TEBR Systems] Using search bar to filter for system does not show last value even though filter is still applied
  • 31534: [Builds] Unable to create Build for statuses NOT_BUILT and RUNNING using API
  • 31905: [RELEASE CHANGE] – Particular special character (<>) in the user story name isn’t shows properly in the title bar.
  • 31989: [TECR]-Entire comments aren’t shown up in the comment section
  • 32079: [Session Timeout]: The session timeout for the production instance is giving errors and is unable to close the pop-up.
  • 32114: [Release] System Impact Matrix shows deleted records
  • 32126: [API] – Environment API call isn’t giving proper result for custom fields and gives 524 error in response.
  • 32129: [Deployment Plan Activities] Activities Report export not exporting Actual start/End date and time
  • 32159: [API] Making PUT /Environments/{id} call with Build details creates multiple deployment history records
  • 32188: [Build] Builds are not marked as deleted from the database and Tableau even after parent system  removed from UI
  • 32260: [EMAIL TEMPLATE] – Email recipient option isn’t proper for entities
  • 32264: [Release] Enable sorting of Impacted Systems within the Release grid
  • 32290: [ENVIRONMENT SCHEDULE] – Overview view is showing image path of the Environment icon
  • 32326: [USER INTERFACE] – Quick link tile should display the full name in the tooltip if the ellipse is present
  • 32563: [INTEGRATION]: Integrations are errored out with 524 error
  • 32617: [Release] Selecting Release Dependency from Create release from template button never loads
  • 32683: [Releases grid] – Release manager grid view doesn’t show release ID
  • 32691: [Build] Status – Color same for Successful and Unstable
  • 32823: [Email Template] Environment Health Check Status Updated email is displaying GUID
  • 32842: [Deployment Plan Activities] Lag while adding dependencies (performance issue)
  • 32999: [Release] Creating Release Template – Release Dependency Items not loading

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

TypeSchedule *
Asia-Pacific Release30th August 7:30pm – 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe Release28th August 2:00am – 4:30am (BST)
Americas Release4th September 9:00pm – 10:30pm (PDT)

*Subject to change

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