Plutora Release Notes for Early December 2023

New Features

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of our software, introducing significant enhancements that empower users with more control and flexibility in managing their projects. This update brings two key features that address specific user needs and streamline essential aspects of project management.

Customizable Email Notifications for Environment Health Check Status updates (new ‘From’ field)

In response to user feedback, we have revamped our email notification system to provide a highly customizable experience. Previously, our email template wizard allowed users to define notifications based on changes to the ‘To’ field. Now, with our latest update, we are introducing the ability to customize notifications specifically for status updates from A to B. The introduction of the ‘From’ option in the email template wizard gives users unprecedented control over when and how notifications are triggered. This enhancement ensures that users receive relevant and timely notifications, tailored to the specific status transitions that matter most to them.

Dynamic Dependencies Management between Deployment Plan Activities

Our commitment to improving project management efficiency continues with a significant upgrade to the dependencies management functionality. Users can now seamlessly manage dependencies between deployment plan activities with enhanced control over time lags. Previously, when adding or modifying dependencies or adjusting Planned Start or End fields, the time lag between upstream and downstream dependent activities remained unchanged, causing frustration for users. With our latest release, users have the power to decide the fate of these time lags. Upon adding a new dependency, the system prompts users with the option to collapse the time lag between activities. This newfound flexibility ensures that users can align dependencies according to project needs, eliminating unnecessary delays and fostering a more responsive and dynamic project management environment.

Bug Fixes

  • 29140 [User Interface] In Jira integration Plutora integration Adaptor online shows error message when test connection button is clicked
  • 30969 [ENVIRONMENT] Font issue on the environment grid
  • 31887 [Environment Schedule] Release booking with Environment group doesnt reflect on Environment Schedule
  • 32327 [Insights] Column Resizing issue in Activities Summary & Progress
  • 32767 [Release] Cannot remove System from Release if associated Change was deleted first
  • 32853 [DEPLOYMENT] Automated Job gear symbol does not show up until we click on the activity
  • 32976 [Plutora UI] Entity window does not resize when collapsing and expanding window
  • 33080 [Email Template] Users are not receiving email notification for Release system updates
  • 33167 [Environment Schedule] Mismatch of date/time on blockout within Env schedule
  • 33212 [Deployment Plan] DP Activity Status failed after DP was in Completed State
  • 33507,33629 [Deployment Plan Activities] Group reorder issue

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

TypeSchedule *
Asia-Pacific Release11th December 7:30pm – 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe Release12th December 11:00pm Р1:30am (GMT)
Americas Release18th December 8:00pm – 10:30pm (PST)

*Subject to change

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