Plutora Production Release Notes Minor August 2014


Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide August 2014


Functional Enhancements in Release 2.0.89

Deployment Plan Manager

Deployment Plan

  • Commenting System:
    • In Deployment ‘Execution’ Mode, users can now add in comments per deployment task in real-time. This will improve collaboration during a deployment event.
  • Color Palette of Group Tasks:
    • In the Draft Mode of a Deployment Plan, users are now able to edit the fill, border and font color of the specific group task. Users can still right click the group task name in order to choose the colors only.


Environment Manager

Environment Requests

  • Live Search:
    • Live Search has been applied to the Environment Change Request and Environment Booking Request grid.
    • The search is based on the Request Title and has been limited to 35 characters.


Release Manager

Release Calendar

  • Yearly View (Beta):
    • A “Year” option has been added right after the “Month” option on the top of the Release Calendar Window.
    • This option will bring up 365 days separated by 12 months. Upon clicking on an individual date, the list of corresponding Releases, Blockout Periods and Environment Change Requests within that duration will be displayed.

Release Manager

  • Environments Tab Cosmetics:
    • The Environments Tab under the Enterprise Release and Child Release has been redesigned.
  • Environments Tab under Enterprise Release:
    • An Environments Tab has been added to the Enterprise Release.
    • Since the Enterprise Release does not have the Systems Tab, the Environment Group and Environments section will be empty by default. Users will need to use the Live Search bar to filter for particular Environments.
    • An Environment Allocation Notification Email will be sent out if the Notification setting is enabled.
    • When an Environment Allocation has been made to the Enterprise Release, it will be reflected in the Environment Schedule as well.
  • Unique Release ID:
    • When trying to add a new Release with an existing Release ID, a validation check appears. This also occurs for duplicating or editing Releases.


Report Manager

  • Commenting System:
    • The Commenting System will also be reflected in the Release Activities Report in the Report Center.
  • Environment Utilization Report – View Full Screen:



Commenting System

  • A Comments Tabs has been added to several places in Plutora.
    • For instance, users now have the ability to add comments to a particular Release Activity and reply to other users’ comments.
    • Users can edit and delete their own comments.

Extension of Organization Level

  • ¬†Organization Levels have been extended to support to the fifth level.
    • Users are now able to extend Organization Level to 5 by selecting a level 4 organization and clicking the Add button.

Email Notification

  • An Email Notification will be sent to all Stakeholders once the status of a Release Activity has changed if this functionality is enabled.
    • This Email Notification option can be enabled under ‘Email Notifications’ under “Customization”.


Bug Fixes

Environment Map

Problem Fix
Users were not able to identify who made the changes of an Environment Change Request. A new field with label “Updated by” has been added to the Email Notification when users complete the Change Request. This field is populated by the user who completed the Change Request.

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