Plutora Feature Release Notes Early May 2019

Features Included in the Early May 2019 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific, Europe,
and the Americas
Early May 2019

Functionality Enhancements

Direct links with filters and settings to Environment Schedule.

“As a user of Plutora, when I send links to Environment Schedule, I want my filters and settings to be a part of the link so that other users can see what I see.”

Direct Links to Environment Schedule

  • Now, users can add filters and settings to Environment Schedule and click Copy Filter to copy a link, which will open with the same filters and settings.
    • Users who click the link must be logged into Plutora.


Resolved Support Issues


  • 9893: [Activities By Status] When the same System has been linked to the Deployment Plan and the selected Release, clicking on Activity Items no longer produces the error message Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'scope' of undefined.
  • 12227: [Release Calendar] Clicking I'm a Stakeholder while in the Day, Week, or Month views now filters and displays only the Releases for which you are a Stakeholder.
  • 13026: [API] The Any value for the parameter type has been removed from GET /Attachments/{type}/{id}.
  • 00013071: [Email Template Wizard] Emails for entity Environment Bookings and trigger Dates updated with entity fields [[Allocation_Start_Date]] and [[Allocation_Due_Date]] now have the correct previous start date.
  • 00013177: [Deployment Plan] Users without the Update Deployment Plan in Approved and Execution Mode user permission can now update Checkpoints.
  • 13616: [PIR] Every Assignee is listed in the tooltip that appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the user icon on Actions and Preventative Measures.
  • 13626: [Insights] The PIR Items column can now be resized, and it has a header that no longer disappears if pushed out of the browser window width.
  • 13797: [Email Template Wizard] Release Activities entity with trigger Due Date Approaching emails are now sent.
  • 00013952: [Integration Hub] It is now possible to scroll to the last job on the list.
  • 14105: [Release Manager] Query Builder results are no longer limited to a maximum of 100 records.
  • 14322: [Release Activities] Users who have the user permission to update the Due Date field can now do so.

Plutora Test

  • 13862: [Common] Plutora Test now loads after clearing IE11's cookies and cache or using incognito mode.

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