Plutora Feature Release Notes for February 6, 2019

Features Included in the February 6, 2019 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific February 6, 2019
Europe February 6, 2019
Americas February 6, 2019

Functionality Enhancements

Two new API requests.

“As a user of Plutora, I would like to be able to manage Linked Changes using the API.”

Linked Changes API

Table of contents for Plutora Knowledge Base articles.

“As a user of Plutora, I want to see the contents of knowledge base articles at a glance and navigate to the section I need with a single click.”

Knowledge Base Article Contents

Resolved Support Issues

  • 8932: [Jira Customization] Clicking Test Connection now no longer shows an active connection to be inactive.
  • 9431: [Email Template Wizard] Updating a TECR's Status via a secure link in an Entity TECRs and Trigger Status Updated email no longer causes the Can't find specific Status error message.
  • 9674: [Jira Customization and ServiceNow Customization] The same records are no longer processed multiple times.
  • 9874: [Release Manager] Releases can now be saved if their Release IDs contain two consecutive asterisks.
  • 9927/12260: [Session Timeout Customization] An active session window no longer logs out if another session window is idle.
  • 10187: [TECR Maintenance Bench] Drop Start Date and Drop End Date fields now validate correctly.
  • 10259: [API] ExpandoObject requests now work for POST [entity]/filter and POST [entity]/search.
  • 10467, 12466: [Deployment Plan] Activities no longer export to Excel with white text if they have been imported in Activity Groups without an Activity Group Format text color specified.
  • 10776: [Release Setup Customization] Users can now log into Plutora when the Enable editable text checkbox's Field Name is Notes.
  • 10834: [Release Activities] Bulk Update now only updates Activity fields once if Save then Save & Close are pressed.
  • 11923: [User Management] When editing a user, typing in the Portfolio Association field will now display and highlight all matching values. If there is one matching value, pressing Return will select it.
  • 12014: [API] PUT requests can now update the Currency field.
  • 12017: [API] Deleted Environments are no longer appearing in API results.
  • 12086: [User Management] User permissions will now expand or collapse when the + or the - are clicked.
  • 12216, 12360: [Email Template Wizard] Entity TEBR with trigger Created emails are now sent.
  • 12240: [Menu Label Customization] The word Change is now modified in the + New Change button and pop up headers.
  • 12465: [ServiceNow Customization] TECR records created while the integration is running will now not be ignored during the next run.
  • 12523: [Release Manager] Updating a Phase or Gate's End Date no longer resets the Start Date's time to zero and vise versa.
  • 12545: [TECR] Environments with Jenkins automation enabled now become grayed out when their Status is changed to Completed and Save is clicked.
  • 12758: [API] POST for Environments now has validation for UsageWorkItemId.
  • 12759: [Initiative Management] Pop ups now have a scroll bar if there are enough records to exceed the height of the browser window.
  • 12764:[Deployment Plan] Master Deployment Plans can now be saved after setting an Issue's status to Closed.
  • 12766: [TEBR] Workflows with a single Status box now work as they should.
  • 12771, 12496: [TEBR] Environment Allocation pop up and Assess My Environment Booking Conflicts panel now work as they should.
  • 12804/11102: [TEBR] Type fields in TEBR upload templates now upload as they should.
  • 13016, 13019: [Continuous Delivery Pipeline] Permissions issue fixed.
  • 13042: [Deployment Plan] Activity tab columns can no longer be dragged under Planned Date, Actual Date, or Revised Date.

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