Plutora Feature Release Notes for June 3 and June 10, 2016


Features Included in the June 3, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU June 3, 2016
UK June 10, 2016
US June 10, 2016

Functionality Enhancements

As the number of Additional Information fields increases, it makes sense to manage what fields are viewable or editable by users. Now administrators can manage the data their users see on a daily basis with the new Releases Additional Information fields permissions.  

Additional Information Fields Permissions

  • Previously, Release Custom Fields Customization only let administrators assign view and edit permissions to users for Additional Information fields.
  • Now administrators have the power to assign the following permissions:
    • Hide: Users without this permission will not see the field.
    • View: Users without this permission will see a padlock instead of the field under the Additional Information tab.
      Field is locked
    • Edit: Users without this permission will not be able to edit the field but will see it.
  • Administrators can assign those permissions to:
    • User Roles.
    • User Groups.
    • Individual Users.
  •  Release Custom Fields Customization has a new Field Permissions column (replacing the View Permissions and Edit Permissions columns) and a new Field Permissions pop up:
    Field Permissions
Whether they are company-wide or focused on an individual, events can make a big difference to your Releases. The new Events tab will allow you to record and track events and event types. You can access Events tab inside your Release pop ups, so your events are only a click away.

Events Tab

  • The new Events tab allows users to track the events associated with their Enterprise, Project and Independent Releases.
    Events tab
  • Release Calendar has the following new features:
    • An Events radio button for filtering by Events.
    • Release Events appearing in the calendar.
    • Clicking on a Release in the calendar opens the Release Details pop up, which now shows Release Events.
  • Administrators can customize:
  • Administrators have the following new user permissions:
    • View Events Tab: Assigned to new users by default.
      View Events Tab Permission
    • Assign Events to Releases: Not assigned to new users by default.

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