Plutora Feature Release Notes for November 23, 2017

Features Included in the November 23, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific November 23, 2017
Europe Mid January 2018
Americas Mid January 2018

Functionality Enhancements

Live Search in Environment Manager now provides better search results.

“As an Environment Manager, I want the Live Search feature in Environment Manager enhanced so I can make complex searches without having to open Query Builder.”

Environment Manager Live Search Enhancement

  • Previously, users could only use Environment Manager’s Live Search field to search for Environment Names.
  • Now, Environment Manager’s Live Search searches and filters most standard fields (except custom fields).
Live Search for Environments in the TEBR pop up (with or without a Release) now provides better search results from a single search field.

“As a user of Plutora, I want to search and filter on all the available attributes of an Environment so I can reduce the amount of time it takes to find a specific Environment for my booking.”

TEBR Live Search Enhancement

  • Previously, users adding or editing a TEBR (with or without a Release) had to Live Search separately when adding Environments and Environment Groups.
  • Now, the TEBR (with or without a Release) Live Search field for Environments and Environment Groups has been merged and searches most standard fields (except custom fields).


Hide and rename Insights Dashboard widgets.

“As a Release Manager, I want to be able to show or hide widgets that are not relevant to me.”

Widgets Enhancement

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