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Where Is The Time Zone Set?

In Plutora and Plutora Test, the time zone (timezone) cannot be set and is based on the user’s browser settings. The browser takes its date and time from its computer’s settings.

To find your time zone setting, click the user menu in the top-right corner of the blue navigation menu and click Password and Time Zone.

Date fields and date and time fields are treated differently:

  • Date and time fields set in different time zones will be updated to match the viewing user’s local time zone. For example:
    • If a user in the UK adds a date and time to a date time picker Release Custom Field, and this date and time is viewed by a user in the US, the date and time will be adjusted to the US user’s time zone.
  • Date only fields will not be adjusted for time zone and will always display the same date, no matter where it was booked and who is viewing. For example:
    • The implementation date of a Release is stored as a date and always shows the same value.

When setting up Jira for Plutora or Plutora Test, the Jira user’s time zone must be set to GMT Offset and (GMT+00:00) GMT, so data synchronizes correctly because Plutora and Plutora Test use UTC dates.

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Updated on April 19, 2021

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