What The Test Plan Metrics Mean

Test Plans serve as containers for your tests.

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Explanation of overall statistics, timeline and contributions on the Test Plan Info tab

Test Plan Metrics May 2017

When you open a Test plan (by clicking the blue-linked ID or Name) the following data appears on the Test Plan Info tab.



The Overall panel displays the number of:

  • Test cases: Test cases in the Test Plan.
  • Tested: Test cases that have been tested.
  • Pass: Those tested test cases that have passed their test.
  • Failed: Those tested test cases that have failed their test.
  • Defects Raised: Total number of Defects raised (previously showed only the total Defects linked to the Test Plan but now shows Defects linked directly to the Test Plan).
  • Blocked TCs: Those tested test cases that were unable to be fully tested due to problems not related to the test, such as the system being down.
  • Descoped: Test Cases is not relevant, not part of the scope, and does not need to be run.


Timeline May 2017

The Timeline now shows actual progress instead of the overall percentage.

The timeline panel displays:

  • Created on: The start date of the first phase.
  • Will end on: The end date of the final phase.
  • The color-coded data from the Overall panel: Passed, Failed and so on.



The contributions panel displays:

  • An upper bar made up of smaller bars showing the contribution by each tester.
    • Hovering the mouse cursor over a smaller bar opens a pop up showing the contributions by that user.
    • For example, in the pop up below, Paul Sanchez has performed 32 TCE (test case executions) which accounted for approximately 53.2% of the total test case executions.
      Contributions pop up
    • The upper bar is usually longer than the lower bar because the upper bar includes test cases that have been repeated due to being failed or blocked.
  • A green lower bar, showing tested test cases as a percentage of total test cases.
Testers can lengthen their contribution bar by performing many test cases only once.  


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