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The My Environment Bookings tab of the Environment Requests page contains the list of Environment Bookings made by:

Administrators who are selected as an Approver for the Environment’s System can use the My Environment Bookings tab to approve or reject My Environment Bookings, comment on My Environment Bookings, and update the My Environment Booking start and end dates. If the Environment’s System has no Approver selected, anyone with access to the ‘Environment Requests’ page can approve or reject the Environment Booking.

The title ‘My Environment Bookings’ can be customized using the Title Names Customization


You must have the ‘View Release Bookings grid’ user permission to be able to access the My Environment Booking tab.

Environment > Requests

Manage My Environment Booking

To manage My Environment Bookings:

  1. Go to Environment > Requests.
  2. Click the My Environment Booking tab.
  3. Search for the Booking Request. For search and filter options, see Search and Filter Options on this page. Select Show by My Environment Booking to filter by booking requests raised by you.
  4. Click on Release ID or Release Name. The ‘View/Edit My Environment Booking’ pop-up opens. You can update the following on this pop-up:
Release DetailsDisplays the details of the Release linked to the booking request. Click on the Release ID or Release Name to open it in a new browser tab.
TEBR DetailsDisplays the details of the TEBR linked to the booking request. Click on the TEBR ID or TEBR Name to open it in a new browser tab.
My Environment Booking DateUpdate the My Environment Booking Start Date and time, and End Date and time.
Environment or Environment GroupDisplays the booked Environment/Group. Update if required.
Administrators can prevent you from viewing and booking Environments and Environment Groups outside your Portfolio Association by selecting the My Portfolio Association checkbox for the ‘Restrict Site-Wide View of Environments’ use permission.
StatusEnables you to approve or reject a My Environment Booking. Select the Approved or Rejected radio button.
To approve My Environment Bookings you must have the ‘Approve Environment Allocation in Scheduler’ user permission.
If the Environment’s System has an approver(s) selected (See Environment Booking Approvers), only that user can approve or reject the booking request. If no approver is selected, anyone with access to the Environment Requests page and above permission can approve or reject the request.
CommentsView comments: Click . The existing comments display with user, date, and timestamp details.
Add a comment: On the ‘Comments’ pop-up, enter your comment in the ‘Enter comment here’ field and click .
Reply to a comment: Click Reply below a comment. Enter your reply and click .
Edit a comment: You can only edit your own comments. Click Edit below a comment and edit your comment.
Delete a comment: You can only delete your own comments. Click Delete below a comment and then click on the confirmation prompt.

After making the required updates, click .

To bulk update the booking requests, see Bulk Update My Environment Booking Requests.

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