View Execution History

The Execution History pop up shows how many times a Test Case has been run, how many times it has Passed, Failed, or was Blocked, how many Defects were raised and more.

Previously, you could only see the most recent linked Defect. Now, you can see all linked Defects in the Overview tab and Defect associated with steps in the  Test Run History tab.

Execution History March 2017

View Execution History

To view the execution history of a Test Case:

  1. Click Test Execution.
    Test Execution
  2. Search for the Test Plan that contains the Test Case:
    Test Execution only displays Active Test Plans.

    1. Click the black magnifying glass to open the search field. Black magnifying glass
      Test Execution Sept 25 2017 magnifying glass
    2. Type a search query.
    3. Press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Click to select a Test Plan.
  4. Locate the Test Case in the Test Plan:
    1. Click the Requirements tab and selecting a Requirement.
    2. Click the Test Case Folder tab and select a folder.
      Test Execution Sept 25 2017 tabs
    3. Search for a Test Case:
      1. Click Advanced Search to open the search field. See Quick Search And Advanced Search for how to use Advanced Search. Test Execution Sept 25 2017 advanced search
  5. Click the Test Case Name.
    Test Execution Sept 25 2017 test case name
    The Execution History pop up opens.
  6. Navigate between Test Case Execution Histories by clicking:
    Previous TC 
    Next TC
  7. The Execution History pop up Overview tab shows:
    Execution History

    1. How many times the Test Case has been run and how many times the steps were Passed, Failed or Blocked:
      Passed Failed etc test cases in execution history
    2. How many Defects were raised, the full list of the Defects associated with all test runs, and the status of the Defects (New is the status of the Defect in the screenshot below).
      Defect raised and listed
    3. Manage Comments:
      To manage comments, users need the Comments View, Comments Create, and Comments Update user permissions

      Comments Test Execution History red rectangle

      1. Add a comment by typing your comment in the Your comment… field and clicking Send.
      2. Click Edit to edit your comment.
      3. Click Reply to reply to a comment.
  8. Click the Test Run History tab.

    Test Run History tab
  9. Click a Test Run to view its test history.
    Test History with bug red rectangle
  10. View the step results and the Defects associated with each step by clicking the step tabs.
    Step Tabs
  11. Click Jump to next Failed to go to the next failed step.
  12. Click Close on the bottom left corner to close the pop up.
    Click Run new test … to run the test. See Execute a Test Case.


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