Use Cases And Sample Scripts For API – Integration Hub Customization

Use cases and sample scripts designed to work with API – Integration Hub customization.

Use a Script to Trigger Email

Create scripts that trigger emails to notify users that the execution failed or was successful.


Connect to a Remote Server and Import the File Data into Plutora

Now it is possible to use the API to take data from a file on a remote server and import the data into Plutora.



Connect to Plutora using parameters entered in the UI and GET a list of Releases

This script retrieves a list of Releases from Plutora using an API request and console.logs the response to the execution log in Plutora.


Connect to Jenkins and trigger a Build Job

This script connects to Jenkins using Basic Authentication and triggers the execution of a job called ‘Demo’ using API requests. It will then copy the log file from Jenkins to the execution log in Plutora as well as send build progress updates.

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