Tiger – Plutora Production Release Notes March 2016

Features Included in Tiger

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU 13th March 2016
UK 20th March 2016
US 20th March 2016


Major Functionality Enhancements

Linked Changes

  • Changes can now be linked to other Changes when adding or editing Changes.
  • Users can now see which Changes are related or dependent upon each other.

Multiple Release Types in Release Calendar

  • Release Calendar now shows unlimited Release Types in year view.
  • Each day shows up to four Release Types and users can click to see more.
  • Users now can view all their Release Types throughout the year.

Systems Aliases

  • Systems in Plutora now have optional  Aliases.
  • For example, a System called BUSINESS-TIME might also have the aliases: BIZ TIME, B TIME and B-TIME.
  • Aliases appear as a column in the Systems report under Add Reports in Report Center.

Default Values

The following customizations now have a default value checkbox:

This means that the drop-down menus produced by each of those customizations can now be prepopulated with default values, saving users time.


Microsoft Edge

  • Plutora now supports Microsoft Edge browser.


Functional Enhancements

Release Manager

Stakeholder User Groups

  • User Groups can now be added as stakeholders to Releases.
  • Previously, only individual users could be added as stakeholders.

Hide Tabs in Release Manager

  • The following user permissions have been added:
    • View Enterprise Release Tabs and a separate permission for each tab.
    • View Non-Enterprise Release Tabs and a separate permission for each tab.
  • Administrators can assign show and hide Release tabs permissions to user roles.

Portfolio Association Combo Box

  • Users can now select multiple Portfolio Associations in the Release Manager grid column selector.
  • Releases are now easier to search.

Permission for Release Intake Approval


Environment Manager

TECR Requester Column

  • The Environment Requests page now has a Requester column for TECRs.
  • Users can see who requested each TECR without having to open each TECR first.
  • Requesters also appear in XLS exports.

Unbookable Environments


Report Manager

Public Report URLs

  • Public Report URLs allows users to set up reports and share them with anyone via a secure URL without the need to log into Plutora.
  • This is especially helpful if you want to share reports on SharePoint, via emails or with external vendors.
  • Only designated roles will have access to this feature.
  • The Public URL can be made available so long as the Public URL checkbox is checked.



User Roles

  • User Roles can now be added to User Groups.
  • Adding a User Role adds all users with that role.
  • Previously, only individual users could be added.

Workflow Status Permissions

  • Workflow status update permissions can now be assigned to User Groups for:
  • Previously, only User Roles could be assigned.

Sort Custom Fields

Advanced Features for JIRA Integration

  • New Releases, Changes, TECRs and TEBRs can now be pushed to JIRA.
  • Users can save time by not having to re-enter their issues into JIRA or Plutora.

Expression Builder

  • Expression Builder pop up allows users to define exactly what will be pushed to JIRA or ServiceNow.

Environment Booking Change Notification

  • Email Template Wizard has a new entity: Bookings.
  • Users can now be notified by email when their Environment Booking Status changes.



Modify Environment Association

  • Users can now modify the Environments associated with a Release and its Phase directly from the API.

API Responses

  • API now shows a blank response (204) with ID when successfully POSTing TECRs and Releases.
  • Users will more easily find IDs after POSTing and successful responses will be clearer.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

 Changes – module now populating related changes to grid.
 Release environment view – Environments Is Available now has correct status.
Release additional information – alignment now consistent.
Unhandled Exception when changing dependent release fixed.
Bulk update release window no longer shows disabled ‘add stakeholder’ button.

Environment Manager

Custom fields not set error when saving TECR fixed.
Error when saving TECR – outage dates are now set.
Environment schedule – View/edit environment booking all information now showing properly.
When creating a new TEBR, the environment list is now complete.
Systems – Check all/Uncheck all issue fixed.


Additional Information – free text tab issue fixed.
Attachments can now be uploaded with Firefox.
Customization – Change custom list – duplicate item error when reordering list fixed.
Customization – Side-scrolling allowed.
Customization – Releases/Release Phases can save more than one change at the time
Customization release status saving issue fixed.


API – POSTing System to Releases now works.

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