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Add Test Cases to existing Requirements via Bulk Upload.

“As a Test Manager, I would prefer to save time by associating Test Cases with Requirements as I upload them.”

Bulk Upload Enhancement

  • Now, Bulk Upload can import Test Cases from Excel (.xlsx) files and associate them with existing Requirements.
  • Test Cases can be mapped to Requirements via Requirement IDs or Requirement Names.
  • Test Cases can be mapped to multiple Requirements at once.
  • If the Requirements aren’t part of the selected Test Plan, Bulk Upload will add them, along with the imported Test Cases only. (If the Requirements already have Test Cases, these will not be moved to the Test Plan.)
Notify other users via Comment Stream.

“As a user, comment tagging makes it easier for other users to bring things to my attention and Comment Stream allows me to see all these notifications in one place.”

Comment Stream

  • Now, Comment Stream allows users to draw another user’s attention to comments and the information or tasks that they contain.
  • Users can tag other users in Requirements, Test Plans, Test Execution, and Defects comments by typing @ and the first few letters of the User’s name, then clicking to select their name.
  • When a User has been tagged, a number appears next to the notification icon Comment stream notification v101456f83a9b2da90 in the blue header bar.
  • The comments in Comment Stream can be further filtered by name, date, or keyword.
View and organize your Requirements in Folder View.

“As a Test Manager managing large projects or releases, I wanted a way of organizing our Requirements inside our Releases.”

Requirement Folder View

New Daily Progress Report.

“As a Test Manager, I need a way of viewing up-to-date information about daily test execution progress, including a detailed summary of the Defects that have been found.”

Daily Test Progress Report

  • Now, users can view a detailed Daily Progress Report generated from Detailed Execution Plan data from Test Plans.
  • In Test Plan, users can plot out their planned daily test executions and view their actual daily test execution in a single graph.
  • The Daily Test Progress Report also contains graphs of the following information:
    • Planned vs Actual Execution. (Trend graph.)
    • Test Case Execution Summary.
    • Open vs Closed defect by Priority. (Bar chart.)
    • Defect Status by Priority. (Cross tab.)
    • Open defects Priority by Age. (Bar chart.)
    • Open vs Closed defect trend for the last 30 days.
    • Defect by Type. (Pie chart.)
    • Defect by Status. (Pie chart.).
Perform automated testing right inside Stryka.

“As a Tester, I’m happy that Stryka can now perform my automated testing with the click of a button.”

Selenium Integration

  • Previously, Stryka only allowed manual testing.
  • Now, Stryka has Selenium Integration, which allows users to run automated tests of scripts in any language.
  • Users can add automated Test Cases and execute automated Test Cases.
  • Leverage Stryka Requirements traceability and reporting for automated Test Cases.
  • Have a single view of your manual and automated Test Cases.

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