Stryka Feature Release Notes for August 4, 2017

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Functionality Enhancements


Select All and Deselect All buttons in grid view filters.

“As a user of Stryka, I have a lot of statuses to select. Having a Select All button means I can select them all at once.”

Select All and Deselect All Buttons 

  • Previously, users had to select or deselect filter items one at a time.
  • Now, users filtering drop-down menus on the Defects, Test Plan, and Requirements grids can use the Select All or Deselect All buttons.
Rearrange the Test Cases in folders.

“As a QA Manager, I want my Test Cases to be sorted correctly in their folders so that they can be performed in the right order.”

Sort Test Cases

  • Previously, Test Cases could not be sorted.
  • Now, Test Cases in Test Case Folders in Test Designer can be sorted by being dragged and dropped. They will appear in their sorted order in Test Execution (automated or manual).
Bulk Import automated Test Cases.

“As a QA Manager, I want to bulk import my thousands of automated Test Cases instead of adding them one by one.”

Bulk Import Automated Test Cases

  • Previously, only manual Test Cases could be bulk imported.
  • Now, automated Test Cases can also be bulk imported.
New pop up for adding Requirements to Test Plans.

“As a Tester, I want the ability to search for Requirements ID, Requirements Name, and be able to add and delete Requirements in bulk while editing Test Plans.”

Requirements Test Plan Enhancement

  • Previously, Requirements could only be added one by one to Test Plans.
  • Now, while adding Requirements to Test Plans, Requirements can be:
    • Searched and filtered by Requirement ID and Requirement Name.
    • Bulk added and deleted.
    • Confirm whether to add Test Cases associated with selected Requirements to the Test Plan.
Search for Requirement ID when adding Requirements to Test Cases.

“As a Tester, I want the ability to search for Requirement ID when searching for Requirements to add to Test Cases.”

Requirement ID in Test Cases

Choose a destination when bulk uploading Requirements.

“As a Test Manager, I don’t want to go back to Requirements that I have bulk uploaded and manually choose their destination folder. I want to choose their folder as I upload them.”

Destination Tab

  • Previously, the Requirements Bulk Uploader lacked a Destination tab.
  • Now, when bulk uploading Requirements, their destination folder can be set under the new Destination tab.
New Test Case report.

“As a QA Manager, we upload thousands of Test Cases. Now I can easily keep track of them with the new Test Case report.”

Improved Test Case Report

  • Now, users can view the improved Test Case report and see and sort more Test Case information, including the following columns:
    • Test Case ID.
    • Test Case Name.
    • Test Case Type.
    • Created By.
    • Created Date.
    • Assignee.
    • Priority.
    • Test Case Description.
    • Pre-Condition.
    • Post-Condition.
    • Associated Test Plan (List).
    • Associated Requirements (List).
    • Associated Executions (Count).
    • Average Execution Duration (Time Value).
    • Associated Defects (Count).

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