Release Manifest Report


Release Manifest report shows you details of the Release(s) planned for the selected month. With this report you can view:

  • the type of Release (Enterprise or Non-Enterprise)
  • the teams involved and responsible for the Release(s)
  • the Systems impacted by these Release(s).
  • count of Change items in each Release and
  • status of all the Change items.

This report is mainly used by the Release Managers to view the status of the Change in the planned Release and ensure it is on track.


The report charts are based on the Changes within each Release. Ensure that you have added all the Changes that are part of the Release(s) and your data is up to date.

Reporting > Analytics > Releases > Release Manifest

Alternatively, search for ‘Release Manifest’ on the ‘Analytics’ page.

Access ‘Release Manifest’ Report

To access the ‘Release Manifest’ report navigate to Reporting > Analytics > Releases and click Release Manifest report.

Filter Options

The filter fields provided in this report enable you to filter the data and generate the report as per your requirements. The following filter fields are available:

Fields Description
Month/Year Select the month/year from the drop-down for which you want to view the Releases and then click Apply.
Parent Release ID/Parent Release Name Filter the Enterprise Releases by their name and ID. Select one or more options from the drop-down and then click Apply.
Release Identifier/Release Name Filter the Non-Enterprise Releases by their name and ID. Select one or more options from the drop-down and then click Apply.

The report generates as per the filter applied.

Release Manifest Report –  In Detail

Impacted System Table

This table shows the following information:

  • the list of Systems that are impacted by the selected Release(s).
  • the count of Changes impacting each system.
  • the % of total Change count per impacted Systems that are part of the Release(s).

Scope by Portfolio Chart

This pie chart displays

  • the Portfolios associated with the Changes
  • % of the scope items per Portfolio
  • hover over the pie chart to view the number of Changes per Portfolio.

Scope Status Chart

This pie chart displays

  • Status of the associated Changes
  • % of the Changes per Status
  • hover over the chart to view the count of the Changes per Status.

Scope Items per Release Table

This table lists the Enterprise and Non-Enterprise Releases that are being released (as per the filter applied). You can group this table by the ‘Enterprise Release’ or ‘Monthly’. Click Group Releases By and select an option from the drop-down.

Click + to expand the Release to view the following information:

  • list of the associated Project Releases and their name and ID.
  • Release owner details
  • The Implementation Date
  • System(s) impacted by each Release
  • Number of Changes (‘Count of Scope’ column) and their status per Release.

The Count of Scope is color-coded by the Status of the Scope items. Hover over the Scope item bar to view the details.

The Independent Releases are included and displayed within ‘Non Enterprise’. Expand Non Enterprise to view the list of Independent Releases and its details on the table.

More Information

Clear the Filter

If you have applied a filter on a field, hovering over that field displays . Click on it to clear the filter applied to that field.

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