Plutora Release Notes for January 2023

New Features

Systems and Subsystems

Navigation: Environment > Systems

Now, you can capture the details of applications along with the underlying microservices/components using Plutora Systems and Subsystems

With this new feature, you can

  • Capture the details of your applications using Systems
  • Capture the details of the microservices/components that make up each of the Applications using Subsystems
  • Capture the stakeholders responsible for each individual System and Subsystem
  • Capture the upstream and downstream dependencies from System to System or Subsystem to Subsystem so they are automatically highlighted as regression risks for each impacting Change and/or Release
  • Capture the full history and details of software builds for each System and Subsystem
  • Configure Automated Jobs in Plutora to orchestrate the CI/CD pipelines and test automation for each System and Subsystem

For more information, see Add or Edit Systems.

Subsystem Instances

Navigation: Environment > Manager

Now, its easier to accurately model each instance of your Applications along with each instance of the underlying Microservices using Plutora Environments and Subsystem instances.  

With this new feature, you can

  • Model each instance of your Applications using Environments
  • Model each instance of your Microservices using Subsystem instances within an Environment
  • Capture the details of one or many software versions running on each Subsystem instance using Builds

This feature significantly reduces the number of Environments required to capture the instances of each microservice in non production along with the software version running on each instance, thus making it easier to perform Environment Booking Management and Release Management for Microservices

For more information, see Add or Edit Environments.

Set Target Builds

Navigation: Environment > Requests; Deployment > Manager

Now, you can request and approve the deployment of new software versions for multiple Microservices within an Application using the Set Target Build configuration on a single Plutora TECR or Deployment Plan Activity. Upon completion of the Environment request within a TECR or Deployment Plan Activity the target build configuration will be applied to the Environment and all updates record to the deployment history

This enhancement enables users to clearly document the target Build configuration for an Environment used for AB Testing or Blue/Green and Canary deployments. It also provides better support technologies like Kubernetes where the deployment of a single manifest file can include new software versions for multiple microservices within an Application. 

For more information, see Add or Edit a TECR and Manage Deployment Plan Activities

Bug Fixes

  • 21971: [Release Schedule] Issue with filtering by System has been fixed.
  • 22651, 22386, 24370, 24481: [Release] – Systems subtype dependencies drag & drop sections overlap has been fixed.
  • 23504: [Deployment Plan] Duplicated Deployment Plan no more includes Release in End State status.
  • 22916: [Release Activities] You can now delete Activities with attachments.
  • 21889, 23194: [Deployment Plan] Now the tooltip shows the last Deployment Plan in the Activities by Status and will no more override other tooltips.
  • 24697: [Release Activities] The issue related to ‘Hide Dependent Child’ button is now resolved.
  • 24696: [Release Activity] Now, clicking ‘Save and Add New’ button clears all the data for the new entry.
  • 24239: [Releases] Now adding the System will no more display the error message.
  • 24366, 24639: [Bulk Update Changes] Status field label and tooltip is now available when Workflow is enabled.
  • 24439, 24489, 24737: [Customization] You can now save Insights Phase/Gates view.
  • 23857: [Customization] Default Grid view ‘push to new users’ now works as expected.
  • 25274: [Release Activities] You can now assign Activities to a member of User Group when importing activities from .xlsx file.
  • 25310: [Release] Last Modified Date for Release now updates when additional information field is updated.
  • 22543, 25773: [Release] Name now displays as expected on the grid view.
  • 24711: [Emails] Environment Health Check Status Updated email now displays TEBR details when booking with Release.
  • 24708, 24724: [Environment Health Check] Now deleted Health Check Dashboard will not display deleted Environments.

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

User Acceptance TestingAugust 1, 2022
Asia-Pacific ReleaseAugust 16, 2022 7:30pm – 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe ReleaseAugust 11, 2022 1:00am – 3:30am (BST)
Americas ReleaseAugust 15, 2022 9:00pm – 11:30pm (PDT)

*Subject to change.

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