Plutora Production Release Notes September 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 September 2013


Functional Enhancements

Email Notifications

  • When an Environment CR is created, submitted or completed the Title and Description fields have been added in the email notification. The email notification can be turned on and off in Customizations.

Release Manager

  • When a non-enterprise release becomes associated with an Enterprise release, all Phases and Gates activities of the Enterprise release are automatically copied to the dependent release. The start and end dates of the Phases and Gates now populate automatically to match the Enterprise Release dates.

Release Manager Activities

  • Prior to this enhancement Gates and Approvals were only available for enterprise releases. Gates & Approvals have been enabled for Non-Enterprise Releases and the Blue Flag to view Gates & Approvals can now be selected on the Releases page for all releases.


  • A new entity called Host has been added in the Environment > Technical Specs & Configuration window. The “Host” represents a container for components and can be a physical server, virtual server, or another device.

Dashboard – Gates & Approvals

  • Text change: In the Gates & Approvals page, the column “Phase” has been renamed to “Gate”.


Bug Fixes

Releases (IE8 – Browser Performance)

Problem Fix
Some popup screens are timing out in the IE8 browser. IE8 optimizations have the popup screens appearing correctly.

Release Schedule

Problem Fix
Activities were appearing on Release Schedule. Only Phases & Gates are now appearing on Release Schedule.
The filter on the Release Schedule page did not filter the users view to what has been set. The filter on the Release Schedule page now working as designed.

Releases – View Enhancement

Problem Fix
Release Popup, Systems, Changes, and Environments tab did not appear in full-screen view. Minor Screen Enhancement – Release Popup, Systems, Changes, and Environments tab are now full-screen view.

Release Manager

Problem Fix
Bulk Update of Release Activities was not working correctly. All activities, assigned to and status are now updating.
When trying to save a release where not all mandatory fields have been entered, the validation text is not appearing when it should. Validation messages now appear when all mandatory fields have not been entered.

Environment Schedule

Problem Fix
When a filter is selected on the Environments schedule screen the windows freezes. Environment Schedule Filter is now working correctly without screen freezing.
In the IE8 browser, in Release Manager, the window distorts when the Dependencies tab was selected. The tab now displays correctly in all browsers.


Problem Fix
Descriptive Text was missing in the Releases Tab from a Changes popup window. Descriptive Text now included.

Dashboard – Browser Enhancement

Problem Fix
Pop up looked messy and distorted when viewed in IE8. Pop up now looks clear and clean through all browsers.
Calendar & Time displays incorrectly in IE8. Calendar & Time displays consistently across all browsers.

Screen Resolution Settings

Problem Fix
When a monitor is on low resolution, the screen was not maximized, and scrolling was needed to view the whole screen. Plutora optimized to reduce scrolling on low monitor resolution.

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