Plutora Production Release Notes November 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide November 2013


Functional Enhancements

Common Improvements

  • Query Builder filtering option has been completely rebuilt to allow for detailed filtering. Users are now able to save & edit queries.
  • Query Builder currently is available for the following areas:
    • Release Manager
    • System Impact Matrix
    • Changes
    • Systems
    • Environment Manager
  • Performance Improvements to the Changes and Releases popups. Reduced load time by 30%.
  • Upgraded core Plutora Javascript toolkit to the latest version which supports performance and security improvements.

Environment Scheduler

  • Implemented a new ‘Environment Group’ Scheduler. The user can display only Environment Groups on the Environment Schedule and show which releases/phases have booked the environment group.
  • Performance improvements to the loading and rendering of all three environment schedulers. (Improved display time by 25%.)

Release Scheduler

  • All Filter options (including timeline settings) now save persistently to the DB. When the user exits release scheduler and returns, it will load last used filters.
  • Set Font color of Release text on bars. The user can right-click and set a font color. (Color settings are stored per user)
  • Significantly improved the performance of the release scheduler load and view response times. (Improved display time by 20%.)
  • ‘Hide Phase Breakdown’ color coded bar improvement.

Deployment Manager

  • Broadcasting of email notifications. This functionality allows the user to set the time (in mins) for which the system will automatically fire off an email alert to the assigned stakeholder to remind them they have a task in a Deployment Plan ready for actioning.
    • Broadcasting of emails can be set when Deployment Plan is in ‘Draft’ stage.
    • Email notifications trigger when Deployment Plan is in ‘Execution’ stage.
  • Grouping of tasks. The user can select 2 or more sequential tasks and then group them together to form.
  • Color coding of Deployment Plan Task Groups. The user can right-click on Group Task and set the background, foreground and font colors.


  • Admin users have the ability to add in custom fields under the ‘External Resources’ tab.
    • New settings also added to customization window which allows the user to create, edit and set display order of custom fields.
    • Exporting changes to Excel will now include custom fields.
    • The user can set custom fields as ‘Template’ fields which mean they appear for all changes (new and existing) without the need for the end user to manually add custom items via the Drop Down box under the External Resource tab.


Bug Fixes

System Impact Matrix

Problem Fix
When user ‘Exports to XLS’ from System Impact Matrix with a live search filter on, it outputs all results instead of just filtered results. User is now able to export just the filtered results to excel.
Various usability issues have been remediated to improve stability. System Impact Matrix is now rendering with all rows lining up and is more stable.

Release Manager

Problem Fix
Activities – Somethings when user browser response is slow, the user can create an Activities twice by accidentally pressing ‘Add’ button twice. The system will automatically check activity state of a window and only accept to create one activity to avoid duplicates.

Environment Manager

Problem Fix
Updates made to the Environment Configuration items doesn’t save directly to the DB, causing additional user clicks which aren’t efficient. All changes made to the Config/ Specs sections of environments write to DB straight away.

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