Plutora Production Release Notes Minor May 2014

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide May 2014


Functional Enhancements

Deployment Manager



Environment Manager

Environment Requests

  • Added a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to the Environment Change Request.
  • When adding a layer to the Change Request, the Host, Layer and Component are filtered to show the corresponding existing fields in the Environment.


  • Significantly improved the loading performance of an Environment.
  • The user’s position in the Environment data grid is maintained when an Environment is closed.
  • Environments can be deleted without removing links.
    • A confirmation window will appear when the user clicks the delete button. This allows the user to delete an Environment without removing the associated links.


Release Manager

Release Manager

  • The Gates & Approvals page can now be accessed from the Release.
    • A button, “Visual View” with the blue flag icon has been added to the top right-hand corner of the Release for users to directly access the Gates & Approvals page from the Release.
  • Deleting of Activities/Criteria that have child Releases.
    • At the Enterprise level, if the activity (or criteria) is associated with a child release and the user tries to delete it, a confirmation message appears indicating that the associated child activity or criteria will also be deleted.
    • At the Child Release level, if the activity¬†(or criteria) was created from the Enterprise level, then the user will not be able to delete it. This can only be done from the Enterprise level.
  • Added a setting which allows the user to choose when the Release in the data grid appears with a red font.
    • Currently, the Release font on the data grid appears red if the implementation date is passed but the user can now choose the last phase end date.
    • This has been added to the user’s personal setting.
  • Improved the loading performance of the Release.







Bug Fixes

Environment Change Request

Problem Fix
When a layer to be changed is in Completed status and the user wishes to make further changes to the Change Request, upon saving the current component value would be replaced by an empty value. The table has been extended so that all entries on the page are visible to the user.

Environment Schedule

Problem Fix
When saving a Booking Request with just an Environment, it would sometimes not appear on the Environment Schedule. The Booking Request now appears correctly when a Booking Requested is saved to an Environment.

Release Manager

Problem Fix
After saving an Activity or Criteria, the progress bar of the Phase or Gate does not update the results. The progress bar now updates correctly when an Activity or Criteria has been updated.

User Management

Problem Fix
In IE9, the last two entries were not visible unless the user clicked on the last visible entry and pressed the down arrow key. The table has been extended so that all entries on the page are visible to the user.
The Sort Ascending/Descending button would only sort the entries on the currently viewed page. All entries are now sorted correctly when the sorting is clicked.

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