Plutora Production Release Notes Minor July 2014

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide July 2014


Functional Enhancements in Release 2.0.87

Environment Manager

Environment Requests

  • Environment duplication validation check
    • When trying to add a new Environment with an existing Environment Name, a validation check appears. This also occurs for duplicating or editing Environments with existing names.
  • Allow Bulk Update on the Environment Change Request grid
    • A new ‘Bulk Update’ button has been added to the Environment Change Request grid. When the user clicks the ‘Action’ button on the top-right hand corner of the ECR data grid, this button will be displayed.
    • New checkbox column has been added to allow the user to select at least two rows for bulk update.
    • ‘Bulk Update Environment Change Request’ permission button has been added to the ‘Manage Role & Permissions’ popup window under the ‘User Management’ module to set bulk update permission based on the user roles.
  • Allow Duplicate Requests on the Environment Request grid
    • A new ‘Duplicate Request’ button has been added to the Environment Change Request grid and Environment Booking Request grid. When the user clicks the ‘Action’ button on the top-right hand corner of the data grid, this button will be displayed.
    • Users can duplicate Environment Request based on the current selected Request.
  • Add “Raised” field to Environment Change Request Window
    • A new “Raised” field has been added to ECR to indicate when the Change Request was raised.
  • Hyperlink Environment Change and Booking Request number
    • When clicking the Change and Booking Request number, this will open the corresponding Booking and Change Request.


Release Manager

Release Manager

  • New column has been added to the Deployment Window
    • ‘Deployment Start Date’ and ‘Deployment End Date’ now replace the previously ‘System Deployment Date’.
    • The new default Start Date and End Date will take on the value of the Release Implementation Date.
    • Existing Deployment Dates will transfer to the Start and End Date.
  • Release Data Grid performance enhancement
    • The performance of loading the releases grid has been improved dramatically.
  • Users can update the Release Status from any of the tabs in the Release
    • Previously the Release Status could only be updated under the ‘Release’ tab.
  • Users can change the existing stakeholder under the Stakeholders Tab of a Release
    • All activities that are assigned to the previous stakeholder will now be assigned to the updated stakeholder.
  • “Child Push” confirmation (success) window enhancement
    • “Child Push” Window has been resized to include H-Scroll bars to improve usability.
    • Users now can scroll down when there are more releases.
  • The collapse/expand status of “Parent Releases” in the release grid will be saved
    • The state of collapse/expand of “Parent Release” will stay as before when the user comes back to the Releases Datagrid .
  • “Deployment date” under “Systems” tab of a Release has been widened to enhance usability.



  • Query Builder
    • To improve user experience, the user can hit ‘enter’ on the keyboard to run the query if all validations are met.
  • Release Activities assigned to you popup window enhancement
    • Added new column that displays the Enterprise Release ID/Name.
    • Column level filtering and live search have been applied to ‘Enterprise Release ID/Name’, ‘Release ID/Name’ and ‘Title’ and ‘Activity Type’ columns.
  • Activity/Criteria Notifications
    • Users can enable the option to allow the updating of activities or criteria via a Secure Email Link without logging into Plutora.
    • This can be enabled in the Customization settings, under the Email Notifications section. The user should then choose the Activities & Criteria tab to see the available options.


Bug Fixes

Environment Requests

Problem Fix
When modifying the Release Name on an existing Environment Change Request, the update is not being saved to the record. The updated Release Name now properly saves to the corresponding Environment Change Request.

Environment Schedule

Problem Fix
When clicking the cog icon in the ‘Environment Schedule’ window to display the activities, the end date viewed will extend. The end date viewed stays unchanged when the cog icon is clicked.
When Environment Allocations have been approved, the Environment Allocation Schedule in the Environment window does not reflect the change of status. Environment Allocation Schedule now correctly reflects the Environment Allocations have been approved.


Problem Fix
When a release type is deleted, the deleted release type still appeared in the ‘Release Type Summary Report’. ‘Release Type Summary Report’ updates correctly when a release type is removed.
After user hides the dependent activities and bulk updates the independent activities, the activities grid still shows the dependent releases. The activities grid now correctly display filtered activities after bulk update.

Release Calender

Problem Fix
When the Blockout name or Environment Change Request Name is too long, the name overlaps with contents on the second line. The name has been restricted to the first line and can be viewed in full by using the tooltip or by double clicking on a release to view more details.

SSO Login

Problem Fix
When users use SSO to log into the application, the Timezone Offset is not updated. The Timezone Offset now correctly updates when users use SSO to log in.

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