Plutora Production Release Notes Minor December 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide December 2013


Functional Enhancements


  • Added a new column to the ‘Change Status’ customization section. This gives the user the ability to bulk update ‘Changes’ in all releases except the Enterprise release pop-up.
    • To access this section, navigate to Settings > Customization > Change > Change Status.
    • The user selects only one checkbox, and when you access a release, the notice is shown at the top whether the user wants to change the status to the agreed status.


  • Implemented a new button called, “View Stack” in the Environments section. When clicked, it will open up the stack information section at the root node level.

Environment Scheduler

  • Added the ability to change the color coding scheme for different environment groups in the ‘Edit Environment Details’ window screen.
  • Implemented the ability to re-adjust the height of the rows and bars.


Bug Fixes


Problem Fix
When adding deployment activities, if the name was too long then the box to support its name would cut-off. User can add a name without disruption to the field.
When adding a description to the deployment activity, if the user required to use multiple lines then the field would ignore it and leave it on a single line. User is now able to edit using multiple lines.
When multiple deployment activities are displayed, some may have been unreadable because the activity was slightly misaligned. User is now able to see all deployment activities without misalignment.

Gates and Approvals

Problem Fix
The user is unable to add a second stakeholder to the list of approvers because the table would not adjust for this difference. The table now readjusts for the addition of new stakeholders.
If there is only one approver for the gate, you need to add an additional approver to be able to delete the initial approver. The initial approver can now be deleted without the need for a second approver. All approvers can be removed from the gate.

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