Plutora Production Release Notes Mid June 2014

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide Mid June 2014


Functional Enhancements in Release 2.0.78

Environment Manager

Environment Requests

  • The performance of Change Request pop up Releases improved:
    • Releases that have the status ‘Completed’ have been excluded from Release Name Filter.
    • If Parent Release and all child releases are completed, that release will not be shown.
    • If Parent Release is completed, but it has a child release that is not completed, the parent release will still be shown.


  • Query Builder – Environment technical specs and configuration:
    • Four new parameters have been added to Environment Query Builder.
    • Now the user can search for Host, Layer, Component and Component Version.


Release Manager

Release Manager

  • Release Activities assigned to Stakeholders:
    • The assigned to drop down box has been extended to allow users to type the stakeholder name.
  • Release Schedule relabelling:
    • The ‘Release ID’ and ‘Release Name’ label has been removed to maximize the Schedule view.
  • System Live search:
    • In the Release – Systems tab, the live search has been updated to allow users to search for specific system names

Release Calendar

  • A tick icon indication of Releases and Env CR where status is Completed
    • In Release Calendar view, users can now see Completed status of Releases and Env Change where a tick is displayed.
  • Significant Improvement of the Release Calendar loading performance.

System Impact Matrix



  • Email Templates Updated:
  • Timeline View Lock under Gates and Approvals:
    • Users can now lock the Timeline view under Gates and Approvals screen. This view lock will enable users to easily scroll through Gates and Approval screen.
  • SSO Redirection:
    • The user can now be re-directed to SSO authentication page directly when loading Plutora, bypassing the Login page.
  • Custom Logo can be added to replace Plutora Logo:


Bug Fixes


Problem Fix
When the user clicks the “I’m a Stakeholder” filter, it doesn’t show any results even though the user is marked as a Stakeholder on Environments. The “I’m a Stakeholder” button now filters correctly when a user is marked as a Stakeholder.

Environment Schedule

Problem Fix
Release Names are showed as “NULL” on various environment bookings. Release Names now update correctly when environment bookings are listed.


Problem Fix
When the user goes to a parent release activity/criteria and pushes it the child, the ‘Type’ is not updated to the child Release. The ‘Type’ will be updated to the child Release.

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