Plutora Production Release Notes May 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 May 2013


Functional Enhancements


  • New functionality added in regards to login settings. Admins can set how many incorrect logins a user can do before user status is set to locked out. A new user setting signifying the user is locked has been created. The second setting for locked users is either they can request an email link to ‘unlock’ themselves and reset their password; or they may be unlocked by an admin type user, this can be set under Settings > Customization > Login Settings.
  • New functionality added to allow admin to set the amount of time Plutora can be idle before it times out. By default, this is set to 45 minutes.
  • New functionality has been added to allow admins to put in custom text on the Plutora log in page. The text is customizable under Settings > Customization > Login Page Message.

Gates and Approvals

  • On the Environments > View Environment Stack page, a live search text box has been created. As the user enters text a list of environments with matching text displays in a drop down below the text box.


Bug Fixes


Problem Fix
In the Environments tab of a Release, the user can add an Environment booking to a gate of a release. The user should only be able to book an environment to a phase. Logic fixed so that only phases may have environments booked to them.

User Permissions

Problem Fix
User types of Requesters are able to add, modify and delete stakeholders from a phase or gate. User settings are fixed so that only Admin or Manager user types can add, modify or delete stakeholders from a phase or gate.

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