Plutora Production Release Notes Major September 2014

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide September 2014


Major Functionality Enhancements

Bulk Update for Release Manager

  • A Bulk Update option has been added to the Action button under the Release Manager data grid.
  • This functionality is permission-driven, and the associated permission can be set under “Manager Roles and Permission” of Customization.
  • Users will have the ability to bulk update the Release Information including:
    • Release Related Information: Type, Risk Level, Release Location and Implementation Date.
    • Modifying Phase/Gate Start Date/ End Date.
    • Adding/Removing Stakeholders.
    • Updating the Status/Assigned To of individual Activities.

Failed State of Deployment Activity

  • When a deployment plan is under Execution Mode, users now have the ability to mark an individual activity as “Failed” by clicking the “Mark as Failed” icon.

Query Builder Enhancement

  • Custom Fields Filtering for Environment and Change Requests:
    • Now users can use Query Builder for filtering Custom Fields of Environments and Change Requests. (BETA Feature.)
      (Note: Release Managers and Booking Request will be available at the end of October ’14.)
  • Editing the name of Saved Query:
    • The user is now able to edit their saved private queries by double clicking on the Saved Query.
    • If users have the permission to edit/delete public query, then they also can double click the public filter to edit the Query name.
  • Query Builder Enhancement:
    • The cosmetics of Query Builder have been redesigned.
    • Parentheses have been added to enhance the functionality of Query Builder.
    • Users now can use Parentheses to group queries to retrieve customizable and powerful results.

Top Level Live Search

  • Top Level Live Search has been added to the Plutora, positioned right before the Recent Items on the top of the Application.
  • When a user clicks the magnifier icon before the Recent Items, a Live Search field will slide out.
  • Users can search for the following items via this box:
    • Release ID
    • Release Name
    • Change Name
    • Environment Name
    • Environment Booking Request title
    • Environment Change Request title.


Functional Enhancements in Release 2.0.96

Deployment Manager

Import from Excel under Draft mode

  • Users can now import Excel files into a Deployment under Draft mode.
  • Users will have the option to Download Template Files or Upload from an existing File.


Environment Manager

Live Search Release Name under Environment Change Request

  • Users can now live search for the Enterprise/Child Release Name when creating/editing an Environment Change Request by filling up the Release Name field.


Release Manager

Change Window Improvements

  • Loading speed of the Change Window has been improved significantly.
  • Infinite scrolling implemented for the Changes grid. This will load 100 Changes at a time to improve performance.
  • If a Release has a status of “Completed”, then it is not going to be displayed under the “Delivery Releases” grid.
  • Persistency of Changes grid
    • The state of ascending/descending order and column visibility will stay as before when the user comes back to the Changes Data Grid .
  • A new column called Target Release has been added to the Delivery Releases grid, so users will have the ability to select multiple Target Releases, and the corresponding Changes and Systems will be included in the Target Releases.
    • Change Target has been renamed to ‘Actual Delivery Release’ and only one can be selected.
    • Users now can distinguish the “Target Release” and “Actual Delivery Release” by ticking the corresponding checkbox.

Child Push Status

  • A new checkbox called “Push Status’ has been added to the Child Push window, so users now have the options to include the status of the Parent Release Activities to the Child Release Activities via a drop-down list of statuses.

Performance Enhancement of Opening up a Release

Release Package Tool Tip

  • When users click Release Package Column of the data grid under Release Manager, the corresponding Release Package Information will be displayed via a Tooltip.
  • The same information will also be shown under each release when users click the drop down icon on the top right corner of the Release Package information section.

Save State of Release Pop Up Tab

  • When users reopen the Release tab, it opens up the last clicked tab.


Report Center

Custom Fields for Environments Reports

New Report – Releases & Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields have been added to include Release information.
  • Users will have the flexibility to select which Custom Field will be displayed on the reports via the ‘Custom Fields’ drop down list.

New Report – Release Phases & Gates

  • Under Releases Category of All Reports, one new report called Releases Phases & Gates has been added. It provides a visual view of the key dates of the phases and gates of the chosen release.



Color Palette filling up

  • The color options have been increased for the Color Palette across the application (e.g. Color coding for Environment Change Request).

Custom Fields support Number Type

  • Numerical Type Custom Field is now supported by Plutora.
  • This extra field called “Number” can be found under the Data Type drop-down list of Custom Field Section of Customization.

Custom Field Tabs for Release Manager

  • Users now have the ability to group Custom Fields for Release Manager.
  • Under Customization > Release Custom Fields, users can Add/Edit Custom Field Tabs and assign individual Custom Fields to a specific Tab by selecting Tab Parent Column.
  • The grouped Custom Fields will be reflected under each Release of Release Manager.

Email Notification for Commenting System

  • When a user adds a comment to an item, emails will be sent out to all the users that are involved in the current chat section.
  • This functionality can be enabled/disabled under  Settings > Email Notification > Comments using the setting called “Send an email to all users involved in the comments”.

Save State of Customization Tree Panel

  • The collapsed/expanded state of the Navigation Column will be saved under Customization to provide consistency and usability across the application.

Email Notification – Upcoming Change Request

  • Added Email Notification for Environment Change Requests based on the Start Date of the Change Request.
  • The notification email will be sent to the ‘Assigned To’ and ‘Raised By’ users.
  • This email can be turned on and off under Site Setting > Email Notification, and users can set the number of days before the Change Request starts.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Problem Fix
When users utilize the Release Filters under Environment/Release Schedule, it did not incorporate the Release ID.  Now users can also filter Releases by using the Release ID.
Import Activities button did not work.  Users can now import Release Activities by Release ID/Name as usual.
 When users changed the Release Dependency to a new Release, the old activities associated with the original Release would still be displayed on the Activities Tab if users did not close the Release Window. The old Releases Activities will be removed once users change the Release Dependency.
 After saving a Release with the Ignore Phase/Gate option ticked, navigating to the Activities tab immediately would not reflect the change. This would cause the Activities in ignored phase or gate to appear.  Once the Ignore Phase/Gate option has been ticked, the Activities tab will ignore the associated Activities/Criteria immediately.


Problem Fix
 Users were not able to delete Systems with Linked Environments.  Users can now remove all Linked Environments to delete Systems.


Known Issues

  • Business intelligence – Environment Allocation under Release Manager.
    • When users clicked the “View here” button to retrieve the Environment Allocation information it only displayed the Environment Allocation under the current Release Phase.
  • Changes Window – Data grid.
    • Users are not able to sort the Changes grid by ascending/descending order using the ID Column.


Upcoming New Features

  • The Custom Field Tabs for Environment Change Requests will be included in the October Release.

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