Plutora Production Release Notes June 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 June 2013


Functional Enhancements

Navigation Menu

  • Rearrange the menu into a more logical order so that the menu headers are now Dashboard; Releases; Environments; Deployment; Reporting & Setting. The new order places screens into a more logical format.

Organization Structure

  • Previously if a user wanted to delete a node from the tree, that had child nodes then no warning message was displayed when the node and subsequent child nodes were deleted. New logic added to check if there is any entity joined to it and to display a validation message.

Environment Scheduler

  • A new Project View has been added to the Environment Schedule. Previously the only available view from the environment scheduler was the environment view, by clicking the new “Project View” button user can see the Projects on the left-hand axis, with phases of release listed below and the environment that each phase is booked against is listed in the grid view.

Release Phases

  • Some phases such as warranty period may occur after the implementation date. Currently, Plutora does not allow these to be entered. Logic changed so that phases and gates can start after the implementation date of a release.


Environments View Stack

  • On the Environments > View Environment Stack page a live search text box has been created. As the user enters text a list of environments with matching text displays in a drop down below the text box.


Bug Fixes

Environment Booking & Change Requests

Problem Fix
There was no alphabetical identifier for Environment Bookings or Environment CR’s, causing duplicate numerical ID’s. Environment Booking Requests now come with the prefix REQ before the numerical ID & Environment CR have the prefix ECR.

Release Activities

Problem Fix
The user can create Criteria that need to be assigned to a Gate, even when no Gate has been created for a release. Logic has been added in so that the option to create Criteria in the Activities tab is greyed out until a Gate has been created in the release tab.

Release Phases

Problem Fix
Users can enter a start date dates after the end date of a phase. Logic added so that the end date of phase will adjust to the start date if the user tries to enter a start date later than the end date.


Problem Fix
Not all system names can be seen in the Systems dashboard due to the text being too long. Layout of graph changed so that all 5 system names can seen, regardless of the length of the text.


Problem Fix
After the user has entered a Portfolio Association on the Releases tab, the red validation text does not go away. Logic has been fixed so that validation message no longer appears once Portfolio Association has been set.
Problem Fix
On the releases page when I try to filter the release view by a text search, no results are filtered out. The logic has been fixed so that text filter is working correctly.

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