Plutora Production Release Notes July 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 July 2013


Functional Enhancements


  • Environment Booking Request & Environment Change Request buttons have been added to the View All Requests Page.

Email Notifications

  • Text has been added to a Completed Environment Booking emails to now show the email recipient’s role, and the Environment Booking ID reference in the email subject.

Environment Change Request

  • A new label was added to the environment CR form showing the “Requestor”, by default the requestor is the person that raised the Environment CR. Previously there was no label.

Environment Booking & Change Requests

  • Prior to this enhancement when the Release drop down was selected for an Environment Booking or CR, all releases were displayed in the order they were entered into Plutora. Now, the releases¬†are grouped so that dependent releases display directly below the Enterprise release.


Bug Fixes

Release Schedule

Problem Fix
The tool tip was displaying the incorrect text when hovering over Release name on the Release Schedule. Tool tip now displays the correct text when hovering over the release name.


Problem Fix
Users can delete a release phase that has no associated activities without a pop up message of “Are you sure” appearing. Logic has been added so that the “Are you sure” pop up always displays when you are trying to delete a release.

Environment Scheduler

Problem Fix
If the booking of an environment starts before the current month in the schedule view but extends into the next few months, it does not display on the Environment Scheduler. Environment Scheduler display now shows all booking in the set date range regardless of the start date.

Environment Booking & Change Requests

Problem Fix
There was no alphabetical identifier for Environment Bookings or Environment CR’s, causing duplicate numerical ID’s. Environment Booking Requests now come with the prefix REQ before the numerical ID & Environment CR have the prefix ECR.

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