Plutora Production Release Notes January 2014

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide January 2014


Functional Enhancements


  • Added new filter options to the Changes Query Builder.
    • Release ID and Status has been added as a filter option.
  • Export to Excel now includes additional field.
    • Change Type field now included in export.

Common Improvements

  • Export button has been rebuilt to allow different action features in the future. To export to XLS, click the ‘Action’ button in the corresponding section.
  • Export to XLS text change:
    • Next Release is now spelled correctly.
    • In Changes and Releases, Impacted Systems is now spelled correctly.
    • In Releases, WorkItems is renamed to Phases.
    • In Systems, Environment is now plural.
    • In Environments, Use for WorkItemName is renamed to ‘Used for Phase’.
    • In Environments, the Environment Mgr is now unabbreviated to ‘Environment Manager’.
  • UTC Timezone Improvements – user local times (browser detected) is used to convert UTC timezone to local timezone. Improvements made in Release Activities, Deployment Manager and Release Schedule.


  • Added the ability to customize the status of the Environment Change Request.
    • To access this section, navigate to Settings > Customization > Environments > TECR Status.
    • The user can set a status as the default option when creating new Environment Change Requests.
    • The user is given the ability to add, edit or delete statuses.

Deployment Manager

  • Improving the Deployment Activity Status.
    • When executing a Deployment Activity, the user can go back if they’ve clicked In Progress or Completed.
    • Added the ability to identify the user who started and/or completed the task.
  • Ability to assign a new start date when duplicating Deployment Plans.
  • Date shifting of Deployment Plan dates can be performed during Duplicate process.
  • Users can now delete Task Grouping in Draft mode.


Release Manager

  • Added Release Calendar.
    • This allows users to view a Monthly, Weekly or Daily view for all Releases being deployed. The calendar provides two views: 1 – ‘Contents’ view of a Releases (Enterprise & Dependant Releases) and 2 – ‘Systems’ being deployed in a Release.
    • Allows users to track releases which occur over multiple days.
    • Allows users to view block-out periods in a calendar view.
  • Added Release Package to group Releases together.
    • This allows users to easily see which Releases will go into production.
  • Multiple Production Deployment Dates.
    • Users can now track per release (under the release pop-up > systems tab) multiple deployment dates per system/application. This allows for when teams have releases which deploy various components/config over multiple days and potentially use toggle on/off (dormancy) techniques.
  • Add ability to add attachments to Release Phase Activities and to Release Gate Criteria’s.
  • Systems in the Release pop-up can be filtered by organization to narrow systems list.

System Impact Matrix

  • Performance optimization of System Impact Matrix to load faster.
  • Added Release ID value next to Release Name.


Bug Fixes

Export to XLS

Problem Fix
 When the user exports from Changes, Releases, Environments, etc., the file format and extension did not match, and users could not open the file properly.  The file format and extension now matches, and users can open the file without error.


Problem Fix
 When the user adds multiple lines to the deployment activities name and/or description, the field cuts-off.  A vertical scroll is now available when users add multiple lines to the name and description.
 When the user adds multiple lines to the deployment activities name and/or description, the content that has been added is saved on a single row.  The content is now saved correctly in the format the user sets it.
 When attaching documents to tasks in deployment plans, the Plutora working gif was missing when uploading files. The Plutora working gif is now shown to indicate to the user that the file is being uploaded.
 When editing start and end times in the deployment plan, the on screen values seem to be behaving correctly. However the actual times saved are incorrect. The correct times are now displayed when start and end times are saved.

Email Notifications

Problem Fix
 When you add a new user via the stakeholder pop-up, the email which gets sent has a spelling mistake. The email message now displays correctly.

Release Schedule

Problem Fix
The ‘Release type’ filter shared the name with a different function.  The filter has been renamed to ‘Release Structure’.
 The filter option of Integrated in the Release Structure was incorrectly named to match with Dependent Releases.  The filter option has been renamed to ‘Dependent’.

Environment Schedule

Problem Fix
 When users click on Environment Change Request which spans one day or less modal window is broken.  Environment Change Request window now opens correctly and display all data.

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