Plutora Production Release Notes January 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 January 2013


Functional Enhancements


  • A new user type status “Inactive” has been added. Admin users can click on edit a user’s status to either active or inactive. If a user is set to active, then they can login. When an inactive user tries to login text appears saying “Account has been deactivated, please contact your Plutora Admin”.

RACI Matrix

  • A constraint has been added so that for any release, task or activity that involves stakeholders, where there is already an accountable stakeholder and a new stakeholder selects the accountable checkbox then the user will be unable to save and the text “There can only be one accountable stakeholder” will be displayed.

Release Phases

  • Once release phases and gates have been created for a release the name of the phase is unable to be modified. If a user tries to modify the phase the following validation text will appear “You are unable to change the phase name, simply delete this phase if not required or it’s incorrect”.



Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Problem Fix
Some of the images and pop ups in the activities tab are distorted when viewed in different browsers. The images now appear consistently across all browsers.

Setup Wizard

Problem Fix
After the user has populated content for one of the phases, the setup wizard is not showing the green tick to indicate that data has been entered. The logic has been improved in the section so that the tick appears once data has been populated in a section of the wizard.

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