Plutora Production Release Notes February 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 February 2013


Functional Enhancements

Deployment Plans

  • Once a deployment plan has moved into the Approved phase it is read-only, display the text “Read Only” after the name of the release at the page heading. (User is still able to make changes to the deployment plan if they change its status back to draft.)
  • In the deployment plans, previously the user had to display both the start date and time and end date and time, now if all tasks fall on the same day, a new checkbox has been added so that the user can choose to display both date and time or just the time for the deployment task start and end time options.
  • In the RACI Matrix in the deployment plan tab, where there is a stakeholder that will be assigned a deployment task, 2 new columns have been added so that both the phone number and the email address of the stakeholder are now displayed.

Filter View

  • The filter view that is available in the release schedule has been applied to all areas of Plutora. The rules are set to “My Org” then show all plans that have been linked to the same organisation as the user. Filters are set to “stakeholder” then select all deployment plans where the user exists as a stakeholder on that release. Filters are set to “All” the view is unfiltered and all results will display.


Bug Fixes

Deployment Plans

Problem Fix
When a deployment plan is in Approved state, it is possible to click back to draft in one browser and then click approve in another browser. A concurrency check has been added so that Plutora can no longer move a plan fro draft to execute.
In deployment plans the user is unable to clear Organisation, System and Release combo boxes once they have set an option. Next to these boxes an X has now been added so the user can clear their selection if they wish to leave it blank.
 Once the deployment plan has been set to approved the “Back to Draft” button is not moving the plan status back to draft state.  The “back to draft” button in an approved deployment plan is now working as expected.
Problem Fix
 The live search field is not clearing when the user switches deployment plans.  Functionality improved so that when user switches between deployment plans the live search text box is cleared.

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