Plutora Production Release Notes August 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 August 2013


Functional Enhancements

Environment Schedule

  • In the Environments Schedule > Environments (Conflict view) a new checkbox has been added called “Hide Unallocated Environments”. When user ticks the checkbox and clicks view, it will not show any environments under “Env Groups” or “System View” which don’t have a release assigned in the given date range. (this was current functionality). If the user leaves tick box unticked and clicks on view, then only environments associated to environment group should appear. By default the checkbox is unchecked.
  • The contrast between alternate rows has been darkened to allow better viewing experience.
  • The cog to show toggle on/off showing the Activity Row has moved from the right of Environment name to the left of Environment name.


  • When adding a new Environment Request the following changes have been made, Live search added, Environments are listed by group, then alphabetically and label changed from “Environment” to “Environment or Environment Group”.

Release Activities

  • Activities screen within the Release Window enhanced to be full screen to improve user viewing experience.

Deployment Plan

  • In the Deployments screen, the duplicate deployment plan functionality has been enhanced to ask the user if they would like attachments to also be duplicated. Previous functionality automatically copied the attachments without asking the user.
  • Deployment Plan screen cosmetic change where the screen has been trimmed to reduce the amount of white space shown at the bottom of a deployment plan.

Bulk Update

  • Functional Enhancements to the Bulk Update area were to rename the button called “Update” to “Update & Close”and for the “Find and Replace” group label to be renamed “Find and Replace Text in Title & Description”.

Activity Booking

Environment Stack

  • Previously in Plutora you were unable to see your environments stack. A “View Stack” button has now been added to enable the user to be able to see the Applications, Databases, Operating Systems, Networks, Hardware layers that lie within each Environment Group.

Email Notifications

  • Text has been added to Environment Booking emails to now show the email recipient’s role, and the Environment Booking ID reference in the email subject.


Bug Fixes

Environment Schedule

Problem Fix
When the user comes back to Environment Schedule View from another page, the timeline view doesn’t show the last set view. When the user navigates back to Environment Schedule screen, the view will be set as per the last view.
 After the user makes an environment booking, the view should automatically show the shaded area once the user clicks save, but the user has to refresh their view for this to occur. The view refreshes properly once the user clicks save.
In Environment Scheduler > Project View phases of a project, there should have been shading to reflect a phase of the project that did not have an environment booked. The Environment Scheduler > Project View window a phase that does not have an environment booking shows as shaded.


Problem Fix
When users select a Release ID from the drop down, the user was unable to select a new report without clicking clear. User can switch report should be able to switch release id/name at any time.

Login Page

Problem Fix
When using the IE8 browser, the login page is distorted. Login page is no longer distorted when viewed in IE8 or any other browser.
 Login page did not load properly until users delete their browser cache. Issue has been resolved so that user no longer needs to delete their browser cache to log in.

Environment Booking Request

Problem Fix
The start date for Environment Booking Requests appeared as NaN in some Browsers. Start date appears correctly in all browsers.

Deployment Plan

Problem Fix
The user is unable to tab from one section to the next on this page. User can now sequentially tab through the sections of a deployment plan.

Release Schedule

Problem Fix
Release Schedule does not show all releases in the date range specified. Release Scheduler now shows correct releases as per the date range.

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