Plutora Production Release Notes April 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 April 2013


Functional Enhancements

Email Notifications

  • This enhancement was to enable automatic email to be sent to approvers of tasks who have not approved a gate. Rules:
    1. For gate approval date, send email to all approvers of gate if not approved to approve 24 hrs before Gate End date.
    2. If date has passed gate approval date (end date) by more than one day email approvers.



Bug Fixes


Problem Fix
On the releases screen, when the tool tip is hovered over the release phase the name of the phase is displayed as null. The name of the release phase now shows the phase name when the cursor is hovered over the phase.

Release Scheduler

Problem Fix
On the first load the release scheduler is displaying the wrong timescale view, it appears correctly when you hit the view button and the page refreshes. Logic has been enhanced so that the release scheduler is displaying the correct data on the first load.

Deployment Plan

Problem Fix
When adding deployment tasks, the date time picker is not displaying the time of day correctly in the scroll bars on the left hand side. Time picker is now displaying the time of day correctly.


Problem Fix
When a report is generated and the user tries to save the report in pdf format, the default file name is Untitled. The default save name is now the Report name such as “Release Scope Report.pdf”.

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