Plutora Feature Release Notes Late August 2019

Features Included in the Late August 2019 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule
User Acceptance Testing August 21, 2019
Asia-Pacific Release September 2, 2019
Europe Release September 3, 2019
Americas Release September 3, 2019

Functionality Enhancements

Update Environment Health Check statuses with attached log files via the API, and a new Environment Health Check status: Issue.

“As an Environment Manager, I want to update an Environment’s Health Check status using the API and include an attached log file.”

Health Check Dashboard Enhancements

  • Now, the users of Plutora’s API can:
    • Include Test Name, Health Check Status, and an Error Log (as a text file attachment) for Environments via Plutora’s API and view them on the Health Check Dashboard:
      • POST /environmentHealthCheck
    • View Environment Health Check data using:
      • POST /environmentHealthCheck/FullHistory
      • POST /environmentHealthCheck/CurrentStatus
  • Health Check Dashboard also has a new health status: Issue.
  • Health check statuses can be added to Environments via the API so it is no longer necessary to use test scripts.


Import Requirements and Test Cases via new import wizards.

“As a Test Manager, I want to import my Requirements and Test Cases via an import wizard, instead of adding them manually one by one.”

Bulk Import Requirements and Test Cases

  • Now, Requirements and Test Cases can be bulk imported via new import wizards that enable you to:
    • Download a template with all fields (including custom fields) pre-populated as column headings.
    • Automatically map columns based on field names.
    • Validate the data prior to executing the import.
    • View a detailed summary and log once the import is complete.
  • Test Case test step numbers are now auto-generated.
The Project ID field has been renamed.

“As a QA Manager, I use Plutora and Plutora Test and I want to eliminate the confusion that they both have a field called Project ID.”

Project ID Field Renamed

Resolved Support Issues


  • 13254: [Release Manager] Deleted Systems can now be removed from Releases.
  • 13424, 13831: [Release Manager] Shifted Start and End Dates now only need to be saved once.
  • 13482: [Release Setup Customization] When the Enable Enterprise Activities Child Push and Release Dependency Association checkboxes are selected, changes to Release Activities and Criteria in a parent Enterprise Release can now be child pushed to child Releases.
  • 0013662: [System Impact Matrix] Only Changes with the Actual Delivery Release checkbox selected now appear for a Release.
  • 00013861: [Environment Manager] Current Component Value now wraps instead of being cut off.
  • 00014157: [Release Manager] New users no longer see a blank page for 15 minutes after logging in.
  • 14456, 15158: [Release Manager] Importing Activities from another Release is now possible when the Activity Stakeholders are User Groups.
  • 14531, 15236: [User Management] Users who only have the Analytics Viewer User Role can now view Plutora Analytics.
  • 00014548: [System Impact Matrix] When Query Builder is active, Export to Excel now works as it should.
  • 00014747/00014570: [Release Manager] Shifting a Phase or Gate's Due Date to an earlier date than the Start Date will now trigger an error.
  • 14773: [Environment Schedule] When a TECR with a Release is double-clicked, the TECR pop up now opens instead of the Release pop up.
  • 00014918: [Environment Schedule] TECRs with an Outage now display that Outage when opened in Environment Schedule.
  • 00014965, 00014973: [Release Manager] Visual View now displays Release Activities and Stakeholders for Phases, and Stakeholders for Gates.
  • 00014980: [Environment Manager] When the Utilized checkbox is selected, utilized Environments are now green instead of blue.
  • 15059: [Deployment Plan] When trying to update a Deployment Plan associated with a Release in an end state, the error message is now more informative.

Plutora Test

  • 14471: [Common] Project ID has been renamed Project Prefix to prevent confusion with the Plutora field with the same name.

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