Plutora Feature Release Notes Late July 2019

Features Included in the Late July 2019 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule
User Acceptance Testing July 26, 2019
Asia-Pacific Release August 8, 2019
Europe Release August 7, 2019
Americas Release August 7, 2019

Functionality Enhancements

Two new API requests.

“As an Environment Manager, I would like to manage the lastModifiedDate and lastModifiedBy of my Systems using the API.”

Systems API Enhancement

  • Now, the users of Plutora’s API can:
    • Use lastModifiedDate and lastModifiedBy in:
      • GET /Systems/fulldetails
      • GET /Environments


Navigate away from the Systems page more easily.

“As an Environment Manager, I want to view a System then go back to the Systems grid view or previous page without having to click Save.”

Systems Page Back Button


Selecting a project with a long name is now simpler.

“As a QA Manager, I want to select the correct project or release each time.”

Project/Release Tooltip

  • Now, when selecting a project or release from the Select Project/Release menu in the header, users can hover their mouse cursor over a project name and see the entire name, even if it is truncated in the menu.
Defects and Requirements grids now have two new columns.

“As a QA Manager, I want to view and sort my Defects and Requirements by Time Estimated and Time Spent.”

Time Estimated and Time Spent

  • Now, the columns Time Estimated (from Estimation) and Time Spent (from My Actual Time Spent) are available in the Defects and Requirements grids.
    • The columns are non-default but can be manually added to their grids.
Defects and Requirements now have My Actual Time Spent displayed in hours and minutes.

“As a QA Manager, I want to see the number of hours my tester has spent on a defect.”

My Actual Time Spent Enhancement

  • Now, My Actual Time Spent for Defects and Requirements is displayed in hours and minutes, not just minutes.


Resolved Support Issues


  • 13571: [ETL] Configuration problem fixed.
  • 14513: [Release Activities] Milestone icons are no longer misaligned on the grid after resizing the Actions column.
  • 00014709: [API] Environment Group Names are no longer mandatory and Environment Groups can now be linked to TECRs being created.
  • 15033: [API] The first, non-SSO, OAuth call after external API service redeployment no longer returns a 500 error.

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