Plutora Feature Release Notes Early July 2019

Features Included in the Early July 2019 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific, Europe,
and the Americas
Early July 2019

Functionality Enhancements

Two-factor authentication for additional security.

“As a site administrator, I want to enable two-factor authentication to improve the security of my site.”

Two-Factor Authentication


When bulk updating Release Activities and Criteria, you can now also bulk update the Actual Completed Date field.

“As a Release Manager, when I’m bulk updating Release Activities and Criteria, I want to update the Actual Completed Date.”

Actual Completed Date


Resolved Support Issues


  • 10105: [API] Release Activities and Criteria that lack a Phase or a Gate, because they have been pushed from a parent Enterprise Release that has different Phases or Gates compared to the child Release, are now returned from the API calls GET /release/{id}/activities and GET /release/{id}/criteria.
  • 13791/13660: [Release Manager] Traffic lights now correctly show both Phases and Gates, Phases only, or Gates only, depending on the selection in the User Settings (cogwheel) menu.
  • 00013831: [Release Manager] When bulk updating and shifting the end dates of Phases and Gates forwards, the Phase and Gate end dates now shift for the selected number of days.
  • 14250: [Release Activities] Actual Completed Date field can now be bulk updated.
  • 14365: [ServiceNow Integration Customization] Large sync jobs no longer time out.
  • 14378: [Email Template Wizard] The local time tooltip and the blank field warning no longer overlap for emails produced by Release Activities entity with the trigger Status Updated.
  • 00014430: [Environment Schedule] The end date in the Date Range is now remembered when the user navigates away.
  • 14440: [Release Setup Customization] When Update and Move Activities checkbox is selected and Phase dates are updated: Forecast and start dates are no longer added to Activities that lacked them. When Update and Move Activities checkbox is not selected and Phase dates are updated: The Adjust Activity Dates pop up no longer appears.


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