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Plutora Feature Release Notes Late May 2019

Features Included in the Late May 2019 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific, Europe,
and the Americas
Late May 2019

Functionality Enhancements

More Environment icons for Environment Map.

“As an Environment Manager, I can paint a clear picture of the relationships between my Environments on Environment Map using icons.”

More Environment Icons

  • Now, users can customize the look of their Environments by selecting from the following four new icons when adding or editing Environments or directly from the Environment Map:
    • Mainframe Data Files.
    • Distributed Databases.
    • Big Data Files.
    • Other Data Files.

Resolved Support Issues


  • 11905: [ETL] PIR Item headers and audit history now show the date and time of the last update.
  • 0013454/13453: [Initiative Management] The error message Not all mandatory fields have passed validation no longer appears when Continue Later is clicked, or when a user has not filled in mandatory fields and clicks Save & Close, then fills in the fields, and clicks Save & Close again.
  • 00013942: [TECR] Attachments are now visible in IE11.
  • 13967: [API] GET releases/{id}/systems/{id}/deploymentDates no longer needs a Deployment Type.
  • 00014106: [User Management] The View Report Manager user permission no longer hides Release Calendar.
  • 00014273/00014450: [User Management] User Permissions page no longer scrolls up or down when a user selects a checkbox.

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Updated on April 19, 2021

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