Plutora Feature Release Notes Late March 2019

Features Included in the Late March 2019 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific, Europe,
and the Americas
Late March 2019

Functionality Enhancements

Two new API requests.

“As an administrator of Plutora, I would like to manage the directorId and directorName of my organizations using the API.

Organization API Enhancements

Plutora Analytics now supports faster analytical and query performances for large data sets.

“As a Release Manager, I want my large reports to run faster and without timing out.”

Plutora Analytics Data Extracts

  • Now, Plutora Analytics uses sorted, compressed, and hourly refreshed data extracts instead of live data from the data warehouse, for all data cubes except for Custom Fields, resulting in improved performances and large reports no longer timing out.


Resolved Support Issues


  • 12086: [User Management] Clicking on the + or the - will now expand or collapse user permissions.
  • 12891: [Release Manager] Applying a Query Builder filter, navigating away and back to Release Manager, then applying a grid column filter no longer freezes Release Manager and produces the error message: This request was not successful. Please try again and if you continue to see this message, contact Support.
  • 12898: [TECR and TEBR] TECR and TEBR ID fields are now always unique.
  • 13572: [Login Settings Customization] Clicking on Download the public certificate for signature verification on your SSO server now downloads the certificate.


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