Plutora Feature Release Notes Mid-March 2019

Features Included in the Mid-March 2019 Release

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Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific, Europe,
and the Americas
Mid-March 2019

Functionality Enhancements

Use real-time data to make decisions and initiate improvements to reduce outages and prevent delays.

“As an Environment Manager, I want the ability to view the current status of all my Environments so I can see if they are online or offline and the duration of any unplanned outages they have had over the last 24 hours.”

Health Check Dashboard

  • Now, users can set up and configure recurring tests for their Environments and use the Health Check Dashboard to:
    • View the current health status of any Environment.
    • Filter by Environments, Environment Groups, or Systems.
    • View each Environment’s health status over the past 24 hours.
    • View the list of impacted bookings and TECRs as a result of any unplanned outage.
  • Health Check data also appears in each Environment.


Custom Fields API enhancements!

“As a Release Manager, I want to manage my custom fields using the API.”

Custom Fields API Enhancements

  • Now, the users of Plutora’s API can:
    • GET Plutora Custom Fields:
      • Custom Field Groups:
        • GET /customfieldgroups
        • GET /customfieldgroups/{type}
        • GET /customfieldgroups/{id}
      • Custom Fields:
        • GET /customfields
        • GET /customfields/{type}
        • GET /customfields/{id}
        • GET /customfields/{id}customlist
      • Custom Field Tabs:
        • GET /customfieldtabs/
        • GET /customfieldtabs/{type}
        • GET /customfieldtabs/{id}


Test Plans now have custom fields.

“As QA Manager, I want to be able to add additional data elements, such as cost estimates, to Test Plans and use the data collected.”

Test Plan Custom Fields

Project permissions can now be given to User Groups.

“As a Test Manager, I want to give permission to view and use a Project to my whole User Group, rather than having to add one user at a time.”

Project Permissions by Groups

  • Previously, only individual users could be given permission to view and use a project.
  • Now, permission to view and use a project can be given to User Groups.

Resolved Support Issues


  • 9859: [PIR] Headers are no longer blank in IE11.
  • 10848: [Blockouts] Blockouts assigned to child Portfolio Associations are now visible in the grid.
  • 11058: [Release Manager] Zero values are now applied when updating currency, number, and decimal custom fields.
  • 11889: [Environment Schedule] The TECR row now appears as a single row in the correct location when viewing as Environment with the Quick Filter Grouping By: System.
  • 11973: [Release Manager] Release Stakeholders can now be added via Bulk Update when all Release Custom Fields have a Release Structure of Other.
  • 12216, 12360: [Email Template Wizard] Emails for entity TEBR and trigger Created with recipients being Environment Stakeholders are now sent correctly.
  • 12385: [Email Template Wizard] Entity field Release Activities and trigger Status Updated emails with [[Update_via_Secure_URL]] now display the correct Phase or Gate Start Date, and Due Date,  the dates in the email will follow the format chosen in Localization, and the Update Activity button no longer displays.
  • 12786: [TEBR and Release Manager] When a user clicks the red Conflict or green Available boxes for Environments, Environment Schedule now opens instead of the Environment Availability pop up.
  • 12815: [Environment Schedule] Start dates no longer change to random dates under Environment Group view after navigating away and back.
  • 12868: [TECR, Query Builder, and TECR Custom Fields] After saving and running a TECR Custom Field query in Query Builder, Query Builder menu and pop up, and new TECR or TEBR pop ups are no longer white and empty.
  • 13112: [Email Template Wizard] Emails for entity TEBR and trigger Dates Updated now have a clickable button for [[Update_via_Secure_URL]].
  • 00013315: [Environment Schedule] Tooltips remain toggled off when Quick Filters are applied.
  • 13340, 13317: [Email Template Wizard] Emails are now sent out the set number of days before the record is due.
  • 13343: [Query Builder] Query Builder now displays the correct organization structure.
  • 13377: [Release Manager] Bulk Update now displays the correct organization structure.

Plutora Test

  • 13479: [Custom Fields Customizations] If more than 25 custom fields are present, they can now all be selected from the Fields Visibility Configuration pop up, which opens when the header of the Action column is clicked in grids.

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