Plutora Feature Release Notes for February 12, 2019

Features Included in the February 12, 2019 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific February 12, 2019
Europe February 13, 2019
Americas February 13, 2019

Functionality Enhancements

New workbooks in Plutora Analytics.

“As a Release Manager, I want to keep track of how my Release Activities are progressing.”

New Plutora Analytics Workbooks

  • Now, you can use the following new Plutora Analytics workbooks:
    • Located under Home / Generic:
      • Show my planned operational activities: See a calendar of your Releases, TEBRs, and TECRs and see further details about each record.
    • Located under Home / Releases:
      • How are my release activities progressing?: Track the overall project status, including the status of Release Activities.
      • What is my release phase / gate health?: Track the number of Release Activities by status and see further details about each Release Activity.
      • How are my release activity metrics trending?: Track the metrics of Release Activities and other data over time.
    • Located under Home / Environments:
      • How are my environments being utilized?: Select an Environment Name to see its bookings from Releases and TEBRs.
      • Show my environment bookings by vendors: Track Environment allocations to vendors, including booking status.
Three enhanced API requests.

“As an Environment Manager, I would like to be able to manage a System’s Alias using the API.”

System Alias API


Easily manage links between Master Deployment Plan Activities and Activity Sets.

“As a Deployment Manager, I want to see what Activity Sets my Deployment Plan Activities are linked to, and be able to add and remove Activity Set links with a few clicks. “

Link to Master Deployment Plan Activity Set Combo Box

Environment Booking pop up has been standardized across Plutora and shows more information.

“As an Environment Manager, I need easy access to all of the information I need to approve or reject booking requests so that my Environment users can have uninterrupted use of Environments.

Environment Booking Pop Up Enhancements

  • Now, View/Edit My Environment Booking pop up is standardized in Environment Schedule and Environment Requests and has the following enhancements:
    • Releases and TEBRs, if they are part of the booking, will be linked and will open in a new browser tab when clicked.
    • All booking types now have an approval section.
Two enhancements for Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

“As an Environment Manager, I want to be able to use Continuous Delivery Pipeline without having to enable Jenkins integration.”

Continuous Delivery Pipeline Enhancements

Resolved Support Issues


  • 8510/12944: [Environment Schedule] Tooltips now have consistent information.
  • 9302: [Environment Schedule] Applying a filter no longer changes the row and bar heights.
  • 9431/10462: [Email Template Wizard] The TEBR form now opens when the [[Update_via_Secure_URL]] link is clicked in a TEBR Entity email.
  • 10441: [TECR] GUIDs no longer appear in the TECR Audit History page.
  • 10480: [User Management] When managing user roles and permissions while using IE11, the vertical scrollbar no longer jumps to the top when a permission checkbox is clicked.
  • 10570: [Password and Time Zone] The version number is now displayed.
  • 10701: [ETL] SQL jobs are now run as part of the ETL process.
  • 10719: [System Impact Matrix] Export to Excel is now working as it should.
  • 10830: [Release Manager] The error message Type doesn't have a workflow no longer appears for Release Types with valid workflows.
  • 10925: [ServiceNow Customization] Changes created through ServiceNow can now be associated with delivery Releases through the Release ID field.
  • 11143: [Deployment Plan] Updated Checkpoint dates and times in Master Deployment Plans are now saved after clicking Save.
  • 12019: [TECR and TEBR] Date picker fields no longer are displayed and immediately disappear when clicked in IE11.
  • 12224: [Organization Structure] When renamed, the main Portfolio Association will now no longer revert to the previous name.
  • 12230: [Release Calendar] Blockout Period Types are now called Blockout Types in Day, Week, Month, and Year views.
  • 12460: [Release Calendar] Export to PDF now works as expected.
  • 12535: [Release Manager]  A duplicated Project or Independent Release now has the correct Intake Approval Status and Targeted Release.
  • 12712: [TEBR] Assignee field now displays a red asterisk, showing that it is a mandatory field.
  • 12762: [Email Template Wizard] Entity Field [[Conflict_Information]] now displays automatically-approved Environment booking requests for Entity TEBR and trigger Conflict emails.
  • 12779: [Release Activities] The dates of duplicated Phases or Gates that overlap the beginning or the end of daylight saving are no longer an hour shorter or longer than they should be.
  • 12815: [Environment Schedule] Start and end dates are now persistent under Environment Group view.
  • 12892: [User Management] The Assign Changes user permissions for Project and Independent Releases now work as they should for My Portfolio Association.
  • 12900: [Release Title Customization] Updated titles are now saved.
  • 12909: [Login Settings Customization] After re-uploading a certificate, the There has not been a certificate uploaded yet message does not appear.
  • 12960: [Customizations] Items that are deleted and replaced will now be automatically saved without having to click Submit.
  • 13081: [TECR] Users are now prompted with an error message if they modify an outage to be outside the TECR's start or end times.

Plutora Test

  • 9960: [Requirements] A Requirement viewed through Grid View and Folder View now shows the same custom fields.
  • 12952: [Test Execution] Running Test Cases no longer show duplicated Test Steps.

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