Plutora Feature Release Notes for September 17, 2018

Features Included in the September 17, 2018 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific September 17, 2018
Europe September 19, 2018
Americas September 19, 2018

Functionality Enhancements

See the email of both users while using the reassign assignee feature.

“As an administrator, I want to be certain that I’ve selected the correct users when reassigning Release Activities from one user to another. Seeing their unique email addresses makes user selection easier.”

Assignee Emails

  • Now, the email address of each user is displayed under their name in the Assignee to be replaced and Assignee to replace with fields.
  • Emails are unique for each user in Plutora, so this makes it easier to select the correct user.
Last Accessed data column in User Management.

“As a manager, I want to view user activity within Plutora and track active accounts. Seeing the last date a user accessed Plutora will make it easier to determine user health.”

Last Accessed

  • Now, the new Last Accessed column in User Management will show the date that the user was last active in Plutora.

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