Plutora Feature Release Notes for May 21, 2018

Features Included in the May 21, 2018 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific May 21, 2018
Europe May 23, 2018
Americas May 23, 2018

Functionality Enhancements

Updates to Plutora’s user interface (UI) are continuing.

“As a user of Plutora, I want all the grids, and pop up headers and footers to look attractive, consistent, and intuitive.”

More UI Standardizations

  • Previously, page grids, pop ups, and headers and footers in Releases, Changes, Environments, TECRs, TEBRs, Environment Groups, Systems, and Deployment Plans were not consistent.
  • Now, ongoing updates are continuing to gradually standardize these areas. For example, the Query Builder pop up is now twice as big, and the buttons in the Environment Request TECR tab have been rearranged and various elements have been resized.
The Metrics panel is now closed by default.

“As a user, I want the Metrics panel to be closed by default, so my pages load faster.”

Performance Enhancement

Bulk delete Releases in Release Manager.

“As a user, I don’t want to manually delete Releases one by one. I want to save time by bulk deleting them.”

Bulk Delete Releases

Initiative Management (IM) now has script minification and screen masking while scripts are active.

“As a user of IM, I want my scripts to execute faster and for loading script changes to be masked.”

IM Masking and Minification

  • Now, under the Form Information panel in IM Form Builder there are two new Config options:
    • Masking: Apply a mask over the screen until Javascript code has completed.
    • Minification: Use script minification and speed up script performance.
Jenkins Integration now greatly enhanced.

“As an Environment Manager, I want to trigger Jenkins jobs on multiple instances of Jenkins from within Plutora.”

Jenkins Integration Version 2

  • Now, users of Jenkins Integration can:
    • Align multiple instances of Jenkins with Plutora.
    • Allow multiple jobs to be run for a single Environment.
    • Define parameters for each job.
    • View jobs even if there are large numbers of them and they are in folders.

Plutora’s API now has TECR Outage Flags.

“As a user, I want to be able to read and update the TECR Outage field, along with the Outage Start and End times, using the API.”

GET, POST, and PUT TECR Outage Flags API

A new field type – multi-select – is now available in custom fields.

“As a QA Manager, sometimes I want users to be able to select more than one item from a menu.”

Multi-Select Fields

  • Previously, users could only filter one item at a time using drop-down menu boxes.
  • Now, administrators have the option of using multi-select fields as custom fields, so users can select multiple items at once.

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