Plutora Feature Release Notes for Mid August 2022

New Features

Release ‘Change’ Tab

Navigation: Release > Manager

Now, you can have a comprehensive view of the progress and status of all the Changes linked to your Release using the new and improved ‘Change’ tab in the Release Manager.

With this new design, you can

  • see a list of the Changes that are included in the Release in a grid view.
  • view the status of every Change. This enables you to see the progress of your Release deliverables.
  • add a new Change directly to the Release.
  • show/hide the custom fields on the grid to view the Change details.
  • apply filters on the grid columns to refine the list displayed.

For more information, see Manage Release Change.

Improved Release Traffic Lights

Navigation: Release > Manager

Now, the logic behind the Release Traffic Lights has been enhanced. With this enhancement, the Release Managers can easily identify which of the Phase/Gate have overdue Activities/Criteria and needs attention.

  • Gray: The Phase/Gate start date is in the future.
  • Green: The Phase/Gate start date is in the past and end date is in the future and there are NO overdue incomplete Activities/Criteria.
  • Amber: Phase/Gate start date is in the past and end date is in the future and there are overdue incomplete Activities/Criteria.
  • Red: Phase/Gate end date is in the past and there are overdue incomplete Activities/Criteria.
  • Blue: Phase/Gate end date is in the past and all Activities/Criteria are completed.

The Traffic Lights display in chronological order on the Release Manager page, sorted by Phases/Gates start and end date. For more details, see Release Manager.

Activity Dependency Between Releases

Navigation: Release > Manager

Now, you can add a dependency between the

  • Activities/Criteria that belong to different Releases but are within the same Enterprise Release
  • Activities/Criteria of the parent Release and child Release.

This enhancement allows Release Managers to ensure that the Activities/Criteria are completed in the correct order for an Enterprise Release. Plutora will limit you from progressing the Activity/Criterion if it has a dependency(s) on another Activity/Criterion that is not completed yet.

With this enhancement, a new field Release is now available on the ‘Add Dependency’ pop-up. You can select the Release from the drop-down to create a dependency.

For more information, see Manage Release Activities.

Duplicate Release Enhancement

Navigation: Release > Manager

This enhancement applies to the Project/Independent Releases only.

Now, while duplicating a Project/Independent Release, you can select the Enterprise Release to which the duplicated Release will belong. This enhancement helps you to optimize and simplify the Release Duplication process. Previously, the duplicated Release was linked to the old Enterprise Release and you additionally had to find the Release and update the Release Dependency. 

On the modal, a new field Release Dependency is now available. Select the parent Release on this field for the duplicated Release.

For details, see Duplicate Release.

TEBR Duplication Optimization

Navigation: Environment > Requests

This enhancement applies to the TEBRs with Environment Only booking.

Now, while duplicating a TEBR with Environment Only Booking using the ‘Duplicate Once’ option, you can add the start and end dates on the ‘Duplicate Request’ modal. 

This enhancement helps you to optimize the TEBR Duplication. Previously, after duplicating you had to find and edit the dates of the newly duplicated TEBR, now you can duplicate and add the dates on the modal and all of your Environment booking dates will be set to the new dates as will your TEBR dates. This is especially advantageous when you have a large number of Environments booked within a TEBR.

On the modal, a new field Start & End Dates has been added. Set the new dates and times for the duplicated TEBR on this field. 

A new checkbox Open request after duplicating is also added on the modal to enable you to open the request after successfully duplicating the TEBR. 

For details, see Duplicate TEBR.

Bug Fixes

  • 21971: [Release Schedule] Issue with filtering by System has been fixed.
  • 22651, 22386, 24370, 24481: [Release] - Systems subtype dependencies drag & drop sections overlap has been fixed.
  • 23504: [Deployment Plan] Duplicated Deployment Plan no more includes Release in End State status.
  • 22916: [Release Activities] You can now delete Activities with attachments.
  • 21889, 23194: [Deployment Plan] Now the tooltip shows the last Deployment Plan in the Activities by Status and will no more override other tooltips.
  • 24697: [Release Activities] The issue related to 'Hide Dependent Child' button is now resolved.
  • 24696: [Release Activity] Now, clicking 'Save and Add New' button clears all the data for the new entry.
  • 24239: [Releases] Now adding the System will no more display the error message.
  • 24366, 24639: [Bulk Update Changes] Status field label and tooltip is now available when Workflow is enabled.
  • 24439, 24489, 24737: [Customization] You can now save Insights Phase/Gates view.
  • 23857: [Customization] Default Grid view 'push to new users' now works as expected.
  • 25274: [Release Activities] You can now assign Activities to a member of User Group when importing activities from .xlsx file.
  • 25310: [Release] Last Modified Date for Release now updates when additional information field is updated.
  • 22543, 25773: [Release] Name now displays as expected on the grid view.
  • 24711: [Emails] Environment Health Check Status Updated email now displays TEBR details when booking with Release.
  • 24708, 24724: [Environment Health Check] Now deleted Health Check Dashboard will not display deleted Environments.

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing August 1, 2022
Asia-Pacific Release August 16, 2022 7:30pm - 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe Release August 11, 2022 1:00am - 3:30am (BST)
Americas Release August 15, 2022 9:00pm - 11:30pm (PDT)

*Subject to change.

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