Plutora Feature Release Notes for Mid July 2022

New Features

Release Activities Email Notification Enhancements

The following enhancements are done in the ‘Release Activities’ email entity (Settings > Customization > Email Notification > Email Template Wizard Customization). For more details, see Email Template Wizard Customization.

New Checkbox Added for ‘Due date approaching’

For the ‘Due date approaching’ trigger in the ‘Release Activities’ entity, a new checkbox ‘Send email notification only when existing activity dependencies have been satisfied‘ is added. This checkbox enables the administrators to set the email trigger in such a way that the email notification regarding the due date approach is sent only if all the existing dependencies of the Activity/Criterion are resolved and it is ready to progress to the next status.

Updates in [[Update_via_Secure_URL]] Field

For any of the triggers in the ‘Release Activities’ entity, if you have added [[Update_via_Secure_URL]] field in the template, and if your Activity/Criterion has an unresolved dependency, then the email notification that you receive will only have Not Started and N/A options. This ensures that you resolve the dependency before changing the status of the Activity/Criterion.

Clicking the secure link navigates you to the ‘View/Edit Activity’ pop-up. On this pop-up, the Status¬†field displays only the applicable options i.e. Not Started and N/A.

New Field [[Dependent_Activities]] Added

A new entity field [[Dependent_Activities]] has been added to the email template for all the triggers in the ‘Release Activities’ entity. This field provides you with information on the dependent Activities/Criteria that block your Activity/Criterion.

Adding this field in the template retrieves all the dependent Activities/Criteria and displays them in the form of a list in the email notification. You can access these Activities/Criteria by clicking the respective hyperlink.

New Trigger ‘Dependencies resolved’ Added

Now, to the ‘Release Activities’ entity a new email trigger Dependencies resolved is added. This trigger sends an email notification to the selected recipients once the last dependency to the Activity/Criterion is resolved.

Email Notification to Release Owner

Now, for all the triggers under ‘Release’, ‘Release Activities’, and ‘Phase/Gate’ entities in the Email Template Wizard, a new checkbox Release Owner is added to select the Release Owner as an email recipient.

This enhancement ensures that the Release Owners are up to date with the changes and updates in their respective Releases.

View/Edit Activity/Criterion Pop-up Enhancement

Now, the position of the fields Type, Status, and Release Framework, on the ‘View/Edit Activity’ and ‘View/Edit Criterion’ pop-up, has been changed for a more consistent user experience. These fields now appear under the ‘Details’ section in the ‘Information’ tab.

For details, see Manage Release Activities.

Bug Fixes

  • 23646: [Performance][Audit] 504 Gateway timeout error in Audit History has been fixed.
  • 23550: [Release] Release created from the template now includes attachments and Activities.
  • 24372: [Release Stakeholder, Activity] Now, the Project Release Activities display the same Assignees as the Enterprise Release.
  • 21912, 24290: [Changes] Now, THEME, TYPE, and ASSIGNED TO information display in Export to XLS.
  • 23276: [Release Calendar] Clicking on the Month link on the Year view of Release Calendar now loads the correct month's data.
  • 22050: [Release] You will not be asked to save changes that were undone when switching tabs.
  • 23971, 25024: [Release] Now you can see all the filtered releases on the Releases grid whether the browser is full screen or not.
  • 24681: [API Service] PUT /pirItems/{id} 524 errors have been fixed.
  • 17883, 25140: [Permissions] You can now delete one or more Environments with 'Environment Manager' user permissions.
  • 23592, 24175: [Permissions] In order to view the modules in Plutora, you must have the required user permissions.
  • 24423, 25514: [Systems] Clicking on an option in My Filter drop-down, displays the filtered result accordingly.
  • 24584: [TECR] On adding a Release to a TECR, Plutora will now prompt you to add the Environments that are already associated to the Release.
  • 24618: [TECR][TEBR] User experience in regards to scrolling the page has been improved.
  • 23918: [Comments] You will now be able to add comments to TECR without any error.
  • 25294, 23162,25018: [Environment Schedule] Now, the TEBR start and end dates reflect accurately in Environment Schedule.
  • 25243, 25479: [Emails] 'Health Check Status Updated' emails will now be sent to the individual recipients.

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing July 5, 2022
Asia-Pacific Release July 11, 2022 7:30pm - 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe Release July 13, 2022 1:00am - 3:30am (BST)
Americas Release July 13, 2022 9:00pm - 11:30pm (PDT)

*Subject to change.

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